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Home/Swtor2credits News/Free 10% Bonus of Swtor Credits For Galactic Stronghold Early Access

Free 10% Bonus of Swtor Credits For Galactic Stronghold Early Access

Time: 08/02 /2014

As is known that Swtor Galactic Stronghold Early Access will start on August 19, 2014, have you decided to experience all the slate of new expansion features? If the answer is yes, then you should have done some preparations to unlock the marvellous stronghold and then decorate it? Swtor2credits now offers extra 10% free bonus for your needs of cheap swtor credits. Learn more below.

Free 10% Bonus over 5000K Swtor Credits

How can I get free 10% bonus of swtor credits?

1. Select your server and reach swtor credits page.
2. Choose 5000K swtor credits or more to enter “ADD TO CART”.
3. Finish the rest procedures as you always do at swtor2credits.

Anyone who buys swtor credits over 5000K in August will get extra 10% bonus of swtor credits at swtor2credits. That is to say, if you buy 5000K swtor credits, then you will get free 500K swtor credits bonus. The more you buy, the more free swtor credits bonus you will get from us. Furthermore, you can get free 10% bonus repeatedly if you place more than one order in the limited time. Each order over 5000k swtor credits all gets extra 10% bonus.

When will this activity start at swtor2credits?

Activity Time: Live now to August 31st, 2014 GMT.

Swtor2credits free 10% bonus is underway right now! As long as you buy 5000K swtor credits or more over that amount, you will get free 10% credits bonus. Be clear, less than 5000K swtor credits will grant you no free bonus at all. This activity will end on August 31st, 2014 GMT.

Swtor Galactic Stronghold will start on Aug. 19, 2014, if you want to customize and expand your Strongholds to show off the power of your Legacy, you should really have a try of Swtor Galactic Stronghold. Swtor2credits facebook always offers you extra free coupon to save more money, don’t forget to like it and find a free coupon there.

The Swtor2credits Team

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