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Home/Swtor2credits News/New Armor & Weapons Coming to Cartel Market in Swtor 5.2

New Armor & Weapons Coming to Cartel Market in Swtor 5.2

Time: 02/17 /2017

We have reported that Swtor 5.2 will keep an eye on readjusting CXP rates. As Swtor 5.2 is approaching, the datamining of Cartel Market items from Swtor 5.2 has been unveiled. Take a sneak peek here. 

New Armor:

Dust Viper Bandit Armor Set;

Port Nowhere Mobster’s Armor Set; 

Zakuulan Socialite’s Armor Set;

Hoth Defender’s Armor Set;

Sith Hermit’s Armor Set

New Weapons:

Note: it is not a complete list of all changes in Swtor 5.2. 

Many players are attracted by all these new weapons, and Zakuulan Socialite’s Armor Set, in Swtor 5.2. If you also want one, you can follow the guide to make free swtor cartel coins with easy tricks and stock more cartel coins now. Coins will play a great role to buy swtor cartel market items. 

Last, if you need, you can buy swtor credits with 8% discount code “CHEAPSW8” on Swtor2credits.com, and the orders will be able to complete in 29 minutes. Swtor 5.2 is just in the corner. It is time to prepare everything for the updates! 

The Swtor2credits Team

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