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Home/Swtor2credits News/Swtor2credits H’ween Specials: 8% Off Code and $10 Free Cash Vouchers

Swtor2credits H’ween Specials: 8% Off Code and $10 Free Cash Vouchers

Time: 10/22 /2014

Halloween 2014 is in sight now, trick or treat, swtor fans? We know you may plan to dress up your fancy costumes, pick up gigantic pumpkins, and rejoice with wild excitement to enjoy this hilarious festival. Now catch a glimpse of swtor2credits Halloween Specials: 8% off code and cash vouchers for cheapest swtor credits.

Apply code “HALLOWEEN” for extra 8% off!

In order to celebrate Halloween 2014, we have prepared an extra 8% off code: “HALLOWEEN” for you to buy cheapest swtor credits. This code is one-week off, then you must apply it during Oct.24-31, 2014. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy extra 8% off when you buy swtor credits on swtor2credits.com. The way you save money is just as it was applied before: enter the code before you proceed to checkout for extra 8% off!!

Free cash vouchers can be earned on Swtor2credits Facebook.

Apart from extra 8% off code from October 24 to October 31, swtor2credits would like to give away a bunch of free cash vouchers valued $10 per voucher.

How it works:

Every day during Oct.24-31, Swtor2credits Facebook will start a competitive topic for you to engage in some swtor-related puzzles or topics, then you are given two days to say whatever you think of swtor, afterwards, we will choose 1-5 lucky dogs at random each time according to numbers of participators. I.e., to the most, there will be 35 lucky dogs get $350 cash vouchers from us, or there will be only 7 lucky dogs in all, gaining $70 from us. (Why it is $350? 5 lucky dogs per day, every one gets $10, and this activities lasts for 7 days.)

Notes of $10 cash voucher:

1.Every cash voucher is unique and is one-time off for cheapest swtor credits on swtor2credits.com.
2.You can only apply your voucher when your order is priced at no more than $100.
3.Cash voucher is only given during Swtor2credits Halloween Special via Facebook.
4.Swtor2credits reserves all rights for explanation of Swtor2credits Halloween Specials.

If you are willing to participate in Swtor2credits Halloween Specials, but don’t know how to get involved in it, swtor2credits Facebook will be the best place for you to remove your puzzles. If you want to buy cheapest swtor credits online, swtor2credits facebook will be your best place to get free cash vouchers. What’s more, after you have successfully placed your order on swtor2credits, don’t forget connect 24/7 Live Chat to help you deliver credits fast!

The Swtor2credits Team

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