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Home/Swtor2credits News/The Way to Unlock Daily Quests in Swtor War for Iokath

The Way to Unlock Daily Quests in Swtor War for Iokath

Time: 04/19 /2017

When you want the guide on unlocking daily quests in Swtor War for Iokath, the following details are what you need exactly right now. And when you want the cheapest Swtor Credits, Swtor2credits is right here. 

Main Story Arc to unlock Swtor War for Iokath daily quests

The following is the main story arc to unlock the Iokath daily quests, and keep in mind that the old allies have returned with Swtor War for Iokath, such as if you want to fight with Malavai Quinn, you need to choose the Empire in the story, and choose the Republic if you miss Elara Dorne.  

You need to kill the Iokath Terminal Network Droids. For completing that mission, you need to break off the immunity shield first, and then put down their helpers of either side.

you should steal power cores or interact with the console in order to load the power cores.

You have to complete the mission about defeating the Protector Droid, but this mission needs you to kill four power cells first, which are assisting the droid around.            

The setting for Swtor War for Iokath daily quests

Every day there are five daily quests unlocked, and the following five quests were unlocked on Monday for Empire, including Clearing the Path, Colossal Threat, Powering Up the Weapons Factory, Subverting the Tower Droids and Walking the Walk. For example: for completing the quest “Clearing the Path”, you need to solve 50 Iokath Droids. And the quest Colossal Threat requires five to ten players to defeat a Colossus Droid. You choose one side to help, either Empire or Republic every day, but bear in mind that we highly recommend that both sides should be chosen in all, for there are separate Reputation tracks with each side.  

Do these contents make you more and more excited? Do you need more and more cheapest Swtor Credits? Please come to Swtor2credits.

The Swtor2credits Team 

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