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Fast site to buy credits Swtor. I ordered some credits and got them in several minutes.

user Feb 18, 2019 - Milos

This site is very professional to offer swtor credits. Every time I could enjoy the purchase here.

user Feb 13, 2019 - Hart

It's highly recommended to buy cheap credits from this site. Safe and reliable.

user Feb 1, 2019 - Savannah

I found this site to be extremely fast and well organized to buy swtor credits. Live supporters are patient to help me get my credits.

user Jan 26, 2019 - Emmett

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  • Enjoy Swtor Double XP Event & Relics of the Gree from Feb 19

    Time: 02/18/19

    Swtor Double XP Event is coming again to offer you double XP, CXP and more! When the double rewards event is active, you can also join in Swtor Relics of the Gree event and face a powerful opponent in the ancient vessel. Join in Swtor Double XP Event for 2x rewards Swtor Double XP Event begins at 4:00AM PST (12:00PM GMT) on February 19 and runs until at 4:00AM PST on February...

  • Swtor Companions Bugs in 5.10.1 Planned to Fix in Next Patch

    Time: 02/16/19

    Some Swtor companions bugs have been found with the release of update 5.10.1, which cause the influence level of some companions reset to level 1. Swtor community manager Eric Musco has revealed the current plan to fix this issue. Swtor companions bug after update 5.10.1 After Swtor 5.10.1 was released this month, some players come across bugs on companions: 1. All class original Swtor companions got their influence level reset to level...

  • Get 8% Off Swtor Credits to Enjoy Swtor 2X Rewards Event

    Time: 02/15/19

    As Swtor Double Rewards event will start soon, you may need more credits for this event. From Feb 20, we will offer 8% discount with the code “SRE8” for all of you to buy Swtor credits from our site. When can you enjoy 8% off Swtor credits? Our promotion for Swtor Double Rewards event runs from February 20 to February 27, 2019. During this period, everyone can enjoy 8% discount to buy...

  • Pre-Spring Great Giveaway: 1500M FREE Swtor Credits on Feb 22

    Time: 02/13/19

    On Swtor2credits there are always some big promotions to help you save. On Feb 22, we will offer totally 1500M Swtor credits for free in our Pre-Spring Great Giveaway. The free credits will be given out soon, so first come first served! When can you snap up free Swtor credits? Our Pre-Spring Great Giveaway will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on February 22, 2019. You’d better visit our Activity Page a few...

  • Swtor Tullek the Evocii Vendor Coming with Ranked PvP Season 11

    Time: 02/06/19

    As Swtor Ranked PvP Season 10 will end with the update 5.10.1, the Season 11 is going to start later with some new features, including a new vendor called Swtor Tullek the Evocii who sells the prior seasonal rewards. Swtor PvP Season 10 ends with Update 5.10.1 The Ranked PvP Season 10 is set to end with the release of Swtor 5.10.1. Don’t forget to redeem all Season 9 tokens as they...

  • Enjoy Up to $9 Off Swtor Credits in Happy Valentine’s Time

    Time: 01/28/19

    Are you preparing for a romantic Valentine’s Day this year? From Feb 1st, we will serve you with the Happy Valentine’s Time event, offering Swtor credits with up to $9 cash coupons. The more credits you buy, the bigger discount is available for you! When can you enjoy coupons for Swtor credits? The Happy Valentine’s Time event will be available from February 1 to February 15, 2019. During this event, up to...

  • Announcement on Jan 16

    Time: 01/16/19

    Hey, everyone! We feel sorry to announce that all staff on our company will leave for an annual party from 00:00am to 12:00pm GMT on January 16, 2019. During this period, our 24/7 live help will be unavailable temporarily. You can still place orders on our site as usual. Once we are back to work, we will process your orders ASAP. Awfully sorry for the inconvenience again. The Swtor2credits Team

  • Gain & Use 2X Reward Points for Swtor Credits from Jan 21

    Time: 01/15/19

    Here comes another chance if you have missed our previous events for members. From Jan 21, we offer double reward points for Swtor2credits members and 6% discount for everyone. All reward points can be used as cash when you buy swtor credits on Swtor2credits! When will 2x reward points be valid for members? Swtor2credits Member Special will run from January 21 to January 27, 2019. During this event, we offer double reward...

  • Learn Swtor 5.10b & 5.10.1 PTS with Mutated Geonosian Queen

    Time: 01/14/19

    There is a 6-hour long maintenance this Tuesday, during which the patch Swtor 5.10b with some fixes will be applied. In addition, now you can check out the Swtor 5.10.1 PTS and give your feedback on the new Mutated Geonosian Queen. Information on Swtor 5.10b maintenance Jan 15 Swtor will be taking the servers offline on January 15 in order to apply Game Update 5.10b. The maintenance lasts for 6 hours, from...

  • Join in Swtor Rakghoul Event on Corellia 2019 for New Rewards

    Time: 01/09/19

    Swtor Rakghoul event on Corellia has returned in game in January 2019. Head to Corellia and talk to Doctor Ressel or Tralie Masoon to start this event, and try to gain some featured rewards including Swtor Merciless Seeker Armor Set and more. Swtor Rakghoul event on Corellia: Jan 8 – Jan 15 Swtor Rakghoul event, Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia is now active and runs until January 15, 2019. During this event, you need...

  • Enjoy the Best Promo with Up to 9% Discounts for Swtor Credits

    Time: 01/03/19

    If you are a regular customer of Swtor2credits, you must find there are always some great promotions to help you save. From Jan 9, come here to enjoy up to 9% discounts when buying Swtor credits from us! When will you enjoy 7% & 9% off Swtor credits? The Best Promo for Swtor Credits runs from January 9 to January 16, 2019. During this period, everyone could enjoy up to 9% discounts for...

  • Seize the Big Chance of 60% Off Swtor Credits on Jan 11, 2019

    Time: 01/02/19

    As the new year has come, enjoy big promotions on Swtor2credits in the first month of 2019! We will offer totally 6000M Swtor credits with awesome 60% discount on Jan 11. The 60% off credits will be given out soon, so read the details below and mark the date. When & where to get 60% off Swtor credits? Our Big Discount in January event will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on January...

  • Join in Swtor Double XP & Relics of the Gree Event until Dec 31

    Time: 12/25/18

    If you have interests in the mysterious purpose of the Gray Secant, join in Swtor Relics of the Gree in-game event and face a powerful opponent in this ancient vessel! You can also enjoy Swtor double XP event for more XP and CXP. Enjoy Swtor double XP event until December 31 Swtor double XP event is active now and runs until December 31, 2018. During this period all Levels up to 70 can...

  • Swtor Life Day 2018 Guide: Missions Walkthrough & Rewards

    Time: 12/20/18

    Start your festivities and snowball fights in Swtor Life Day event! During Swtor Life Day 2018, meet the Master of Ceremonies on the fleet, throw snowballs and cool overheating Parcel Droids off with Snowball Bombs to gain some featured rewards. When & how to start Swtor Life Day 2018? Swtor Life Day 2018 event is active and runs until January 15, 2019. To start this event, head to the Imperial and Republic...

  • Christmas & New Year Gift: Up to $9 Coupons for Swtor Credits

    Time: 12/19/18

    Are you ready to celebrate the big Christmas this year? From Dec 25, come here to enjoy our Christmas & New Year Gift for Swtor fans! There will be up to $9 cash coupons to help you save when buying cheap Swtor credits on our site. When can you enjoy coupons for Swtor credits? Our Christmas & New Year Gift will be available from December 25 to January 3, 2019. During this...

  • Enjoy Totally 1500M FREE Swtor Credits in Xmas Giveaway Time!

    Time: 12/11/18

    Are you preparing for Christmas which is drawing near this year? To celebrate this big holiday, we will host the Christmas Giveaway Time with totally 1500M Swtor credits for free on Dec 17. Please read details and enjoy free credits on Swtor2credits! When can you snap up free Swtor credits? Swtor2credits Christmas Giveaway Time will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on December 17, 2018. You’d better visit our Activity Page a few...

  • Enjoy 8% Off Swtor Credits in Pre-Christmas Super Promo

    Time: 12/08/18

    Have you been busy preparing for exciting Christmas? From Dec 14, just relax and enjoy the big discount in our Pre-Christmas Super Promo! 8% discount code “PCP8” will be available for all of you to buy Swtor credits from Swtor2credits. When will you enjoy 8% off Swtor credits? Our Pre-Christmas Super Promo runs from December 14 to December 20, 2018. During this promotion, everyone can enjoy 8% discount to buy Swtor credits...

  • Guide: Why & How to Get Swtor Treek Companion in Game?

    Time: 12/06/18

    Treek, the female Ewok companion from Endor, can be useful no matter which of the Swtor classes you are. You may wonder if Swtor Treek is worth purchasing and how to get this companion, and here you will find the answer. Is it worth purchasing Swtor Treek companion? Treek is an Ewok companion available to all classes for both allegiances. You may want to get her if you like Ewoks; in addition,...

  • Enjoy Up to 9% off Swtor Credits for 5.10 Jedi Under Siege

    Time: 11/27/18

    Swtor 5.10: Jedi under Siege is coming soon in December with some new features. To celebrate its release, there will be the special activity from Dec 3 on Swtor2credits – up to 9% discounts valid for cheap Swtor credits! When will you enjoy up to 9% off Swtor credits? Specials for Swtor Update 5.10 runs from December 3 to December 9, 2018. During this period, everyone could use 7%-9% discount codes for...

  • Guide: Gain 252 & 258 Tier 5 Gear in Swtor Jedi Under Siege

    Time: 11/24/18

    Game Update 5.10, Swtor Jedi under Siege is coming soon in December and brings in a brand new Tier 5 gear. Here we will talk about how to acquire the 252 and 258 gear pieces and Swtor Masterwork Data Crystals for the new gear. How can you obtain Swtor 252 & 258 Tier 5 Gear? Released with update 5.10 Swtor Jedi under Siege, a brand new Tier 5 gear will be available...

  • Swtor Paxton Rall – Brand New Companion for Active Subscribers

    Time: 11/21/18

    BioWare has announced that a brand new player companion, named Paxton Rall, will be available as a part of the Swtor subscriber promotion in December. If you are active subscriber, you will be able to play with Swtor Paxton Rall in game later. Swtor Paxton Rall: new pirate companion It is confirmed that a special Swtor subscriber promotion will come in December, and with this promotion there will be a new player...

  • Jedi Master Gnost Dural Finally Set to Appear in Swtor 5.10

    Time: 11/19/18

    Only mentioned in Shadow of Revan and Knights of the Eternal Throne, Swtor Gnost Dural is finally coming to meet us in game with the release of update 5.10. Get ready to join forces with him in Swtor 5.10 and read our previews if you have interests. Meet Swtor Gnost Dural in upcoming update 5.10 “History will not remember me as the one who surrendered to evil without a fight.” The keeper...

  • Save Up to $9 for Swtor Credits in Thanksgiving Big Savings

    Time: 11/14/18

    Thanksgiving Day this year is drawing near! To show gratitude to our customers, there will be Thanksgiving Big Savings promotion from Nov 20, offering up to $9 cash coupons for cheap Swtor credits on our site. When will cash coupons for Thanksgiving be valid? Thanksgiving Big Savings will run from November 20 to November 27, 2018. During this promotion, everyone has the chance to buy Swtor credits with up to $10 cash...

  • Preview of Swtor Guild Leveling, Guild XP & Guild Perk in 5.10

    Time: 11/10/18

    Bioware has revealed some detailed information on new Guild features released in Swtor 5.10, including Guild Leveling, Guild XP and Guild Perk. This Swtor Guild Leveling system will allow you to earn experience and acquire Guild Perk for some specific benefits. Swtor Guild Leveling: new system with Guild XP With the new system in Swtor 5.10, Guilds will earn Guild Experience and level up. Swtor Guild XP is earned in the Guild...

  • Buy Swtor Credits with 8% Off in Pre-Thanksgiving Great Deal

    Time: 11/01/18

    We all know that Thanksgiving day is approaching in November, and how can you spend your great time before this thrilling holiday? Here is good news that you are able to buy cheap Swtor credits with 8% off from our site from Nov 7. Let’s look through the following details. When will 8% discount code be available? In order to help Swtor fans save money, we will host Pre-Thanksgiving Great Deal from...

  • Get 5000M Swtor Credits with 60% Off for Pre -Thanksgiving Sale

    Time: 10/31/18

    How will you celebrate the Thanksgiving day this year? And if you are a big fan of Swtor, there is a good opportunity for you to get Swtor Credits with 60% off here. How can you do that? Will you be the one of lucky dogs? The Specific time of Pre -Thanksgiving Flash Sale Our Pre-Thanksgiving Flash Sale will host at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Nov.9, 2018. You can take part in...

  • Saresh Swtor -Most Hated NPC In Game?

    Time: 10/30/18

    A post about who you think the most hated NPC is in Swtor has aroused a heat discussion on Reddit. Some players believe this NPC should be Saresh Swtor, while others don't think so.  Different opinions on Saresh Swtor When discussing the most hated NPC in Swtor, some players think it is Saresh. But it’s know to all that we always have two sides opinions to judge others. So no doubt that...

  • Learn PvP Challenges & More with Swtor 5.10 PTS Refreshed

    Time: 10/26/18

    Swtor 5.10 PTS is refreshed now, and you can learn the main details of PVP challenges, Ossus Daily Area. Besides this, you can notice that Swtor2 Credits Thrilling Halloween Party event is available till November 1, 2018. Steps to use PvP Challenge on PTS Firstly, you can choose one of the 3 ways to begin a group PvP Challenge: by a new sub-tab for PvP Challenges inside of the Activity Finders PvP...

  • Gain New Items on Cartel Market with Cheap Swtor Credits

    Time: 10/25/18

    This week there are some new Swtor items on sale on Cartel Market, such as the Merciless Seekers Armor Set, Dread Seed Weapon Tuning, Hutt Disguise Terminal, and so on. Besides, right now you can get cheap Swtor credits from us with up to $10 coupons till Nov. 1. 2018.  Some New items on Swtor New Cartel Market Here we will share the functions of the new items on Cartel Market, and...

  • Swtor Rise of Hutt and Shadow of Revan for Free until Nov 1

    Time: 10/19/18

    There is the great news which is released by Star Wars: The old Republic team. Rise of Hutt and Shadow of Revan are free for players until Nov 1, which is congratulating the release of KOTOR character. Here is some information about it: Details of Rise of Hutt and Shadow of Revan for free Star War: The old Republic team is very exhilarated to celebrate the classic KOTOR character. So Bioware has...