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user Aug 14, 2018 - Emrys

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user Aug 13, 2018 - Freya

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user Aug 10, 2018 - Preston

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  • Swtor Stronghold Lag Issue Permanent Fix Implemented Soon

    Time: 08/14/18

    After the release of game update 5.9.2, Bioware has addressed the ongoing lag spikes and delay issues that players are experiencing inside Strongholds. A permanent fix is coming soon for this Swtor Stronghold lag issue, which may be deployed on Thursday. Upcoming patch to fix Swtor Stronghold lag issue Players have found delays and lag when inside a Stronghold after the release of Swtor 5.9.2 Galactic Legend. For this issue, a temporary...

  • Enjoy Totally 1000M FREE Swtor Credits for Game Update 5.9.2

    Time: 08/11/18

    Swtor 5.9.2 – Galactic Legend has come to game recently. To celebrate its release, we will offer totally 1000M Swtor credits for free on Aug 17. Please read details below and mark the date, and always buy Swtor credit cheap & fast from us. When can you snap up 800M free Swtor credits? Our Giveaway Time for Swtor 5.9.2 will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on August 17, 2018. You’d better visit...

  • Swtor Rishi Stronghold Guide: Access, Secret Achievements & More

    Time: 08/09/18

    Swtor Rishi Stronghold is a brand new Stronghold on Rishi released in Update 5.9.2. Special designated PvP areas allow for the hosts and owners to organize player-driven PvP matches and tournaments, and here is the guide below to talk about how to purchase, secret achievements and more. How can you unlock Swtor Rishi Stronghold? Swtor Rishi Stronghold can be purchased for 3,000,000 Credits or 2,650 Cartel Coins. To purchase the Stronghold, go...

  • Policy for Win Traders in Swtor Ranked PvP Season 9 & Beyond

    Time: 08/08/18

    According to the post from Community Manager Eric Musco, there is the new policy to combat win trading starting with the end of Swtor Ranked PvP Season 9. He also explained how they verify players who are win trading, backfilling, etc. Swtor Ranked PVP policy to combat win trading In order to combat win trading, Swtor now has a zero-tolerance policy on win trading with Season 9 gone and 10 in process....

  • Swtor 5.9.2 Galactic Legends Coming with Patch Notes Released

    Time: 08/07/18

    Swtor 5.9.2 releases on August 7th 2018 after a scheduled maintenance from 5:00AM - 9:00AM PDT (1200 - 1600 GMT), and now Swtor patch notes have been available. Here you can see some highlights in patch notes, including the Rishi Hideout Stronghold, new Arena and more. Learn highlights of Swtor 5.9.2 patch notes 1. New Stronghold: The Rishi Hideout - Escape the daily grind of galactic life by traveling to your own...

  • PvP Tank Shielding Changes Not Be Happening for Swtor 5.9.2

    Time: 08/02/18

    Due to the critical bugs, planned Tank Shielding changes will not be released in upcoming Swtor 5.9.2, but may come with a future update. These Swtor PvP Tank Shielding changes will allow Critical Hits to also be affected by Shield / Absorb, and you can read details below with cheap Swtor credits. Swtor PvP Tank Shielding changes not for 5.9.2 On June the team once announced that there would be some PvP...

  • Enjoy Up to $10 Coupons to Buy Swtor Credits for Update 5.9.2

    Time: 07/31/18

    Swtor 5.9.2 – Galactic Legend is coming to game soon. Have you prepared for this update? To celebrate it, we will offer up to $10 cash coupons for Swtor credits from Aug 7. Please read details below and always buy Swtor credit cheap & fast from us! When will cash coupons be valid for Swtor credits? Swtor 5.9.2 Release Celebration will run from August 7 to August 13, 2018. During this promotion,...

  • Swtor 5.9.2 Release Date Delayed to Aug 7 with Some Changes

    Time: 07/26/18

    It has been announced that Swtor 5.9.2, the Galactic Legend release date will be delayed, as Swtor Rishi Hideout Stronghold with this patch needs more time. The team also talks about some high-priority pieces of feedback and the changes and polish that are resulting from them. Swtor 5.9.2 Galactic Legend released on Aug 7 The release date for Swtor Update 5.9.2 – Galactic Legend has been pushed to August 7, 2018. The...

  • What Must You Know about Swtor Update 5.9.2 Galactic Legend?

    Time: 07/24/18

    The next update, Swtor 5.9.2: Galactic Legend is coming to game soon on July 31st. There are some new contents with this patch, including new Swtor Rishi Stronghold, changes to warzones, MK-4 Prefabs crafting schematics and more. New Swtor Rishi Stronghold with pirate hideout A gigantic new Stronghold located on Rishi is coming with Swtor Update 5.9.2. Special designated PvP areas allow for the hosts and owners of the Stronghold to organize...

  • Learn Swtor Update 5.9.2 PTS Patch Notes & Final Planned Test

    Time: 07/21/18

    The final patch is implemented to Swtor 5.9.2 PTS, and the patch notes have been revealed now. The team is going to focus the last stage of testing on Rishi Stronghold and Mandalorian Battle Ring, and you could see the full patch notes on the Community. Final patch with changes to Swtor 5.9.2 PTS Bioware is implementing final patch with changes to PTS for Swtor 5.9.2. The team shows their gratitude to...

  • Changes to Cartel Bazaar Vendors Reputation in Swtor 5.9.2

    Time: 07/18/18

    Bioware has announced that they will change the way the reputation vendors in the Cartel Bazaar function with upcoming Swtor 5.9.2. All existing Cartel Market Reputations will be combined into one, Swtor Underworld Exchange, and you could read details below and buy Swtor credit from us. Cartel Market Reputations to Underworld Exchange In Swtor 5.9.2, all Cartel Market Reputations will now be combined into a single CM Rep, the Underworld Exchange. All...

  • Swtor 5.9.2 Specials: 2X Reward Points Used as Cash for Credits

    Time: 07/16/18

    Have you get ready for Swtor Update 5.9.2 with Rishi Hideout Stronghold? Here comes the chance to help you save! We will offer double reward points for Swtor2credits members and 6% discount for everyone from July 25, and all reward points can be used as cash to buy credits. When will 2x reward points be valid for members? Specials for Swtor Update 5.9.2 will run from July 25 to August 1, 2018....

  • Swtor PTS New Patch Released July 13 & Other Official Plan

    Time: 07/13/18

    Swtor has revealed its current plan on Swtor PTS and Warzone playtest in the future, telling us there is a new PTS patch today and two Warzone playtest sessions planned on Saturday. Additionally don’t forget that Swtor 5.9.2 is coming soon and you could buy Swtor credit from us. Plan on Swtor PTS & Warzone playtest sessions In the latest dev post the team shows its gratitude for player taking the time...

  • Guide for Swtor Plaguehorn World Boss in Tatooine Rakghoul Event

    Time: 07/11/18

    As Swtor Rakghoul event, Rakghoul Resurgence: Tatooine is active now and runs until July 16, you will meet the world boss – Plaguehorn. By defeating Swtor Plaguehorn, you will get a new pet Plaguehorn Reek in addition to Exotic Plague Specimen. Defeat world boss for Tatooine – Swtor Plaguehorn Swtor Plaguehorn was a massive reek that was infected with the rakghoul plague during a resurgence of the plague on the planet Tatooine....

  • Swtor Cartel Market Changes with Revan Reborn Armor & More

    Time: 07/10/18

    Some changes are made to Swtor Cartel Market from July 9th, with the battle armor of Revan, Darth Malak, Bastila Shan and more items available from the market now. Additionally, today there is the first Swtor Warzone Playtest Session with the dev team. Revan Reborn Armor Set & more now available To celebrate the upcoming KOTOR 15th anniversary, the battle armor of Revan, Darth Malak, Bastila Shan and more are available this...

  • Swtor Rishi Hideout Stronghold & More Coming on July 31st

    Time: 07/07/18

    It has been announced that Swtor Rishi Hideout Stronghold is coming in game 5.9.2, with 11 rooms to unlock, several areas in the stronghold set for PvP and more. Besides this new Rishi Stronghold, there are also some changes released with Swtor 5.9.2. Swtor Rishi Hideout Stronghold with 5.9.2 Swtor Rishi Hideout Stronghold has been officially announced to be release with Swtor Update 5.9.2 on July 31, 2018. Some information on this...

  • Summer Super Deals II: Up to 9% Discounts for Swtor Credits

    Time: 07/06/18

    In this hot summer, do you want to get more Swtor credits with cheap prices? From July 13, we will serve you with the Summer Super Deals II event, offering Swtor credits with up to 9% discount. The more credits you buy, the bigger discount is available for you! When will 7% & 9% discount codes be valid? Our Summer Super Deals II will run from July 13 to July 19, 2018....

  • Swtor PvP Ranked Season Proposed Changes to Timing & Rewards

    Time: 07/05/18

    Starting with Season 10 the Swtor team is considering some changes to the frequency of Ranked PvP Seasons and how they structure rewards. Here you can see their goals and proposed changes to Swtor PvP Ranked Season which may be released in game later. Goals for Swtor PvP Ranked Season changes The Swtor team has revealed a few specific things that they want to address. First, seasons are going longer, and players...

  • Summer Super Sale I: 60% Off for 3500M Swtor Credits on July 9

    Time: 07/03/18

    When you have much time to play Swtor with your friends in the hot summer, you must need to buy Swtor Credits as much as possible. And that is why we will offer a series of super sales on our site, the first of which is 60% off sale for 3500M Swtor Credits in all. Let’s learn more details right now.  When will the 60% off sale begin? At 3am GMT on...

  • Swtor 5.9.2 Coming in July with PvP Tank Shielding Changes

    Time: 06/29/18

    Coming with Swtor update 5.9.2, it has been revealed that there will be some PvP Tank Shielding changes based on feedback regarding the viability of tank classes in PvP. The planned change will allow Critical Hits to also be affected by Shield / Absorb. PvP Tank Shielding changes in Swtor 5.9.2 Currently in the game, only regular hits are affected by the tank’s Shield and Absorb procs. The planned change will allow...

  • Learn Upcoming Swtor Warzone Changes Coming from July 2018

    Time: 06/27/18

    There will be some Swtor Warzone changes in game this year, starting in July. One of the major goals of these changes are to shorten the average time of the Warzones to be around 12 minutes. Additionally, the team wants to fix and prevent exploits in some of the classic Warzones, such as Alderaan and Voidstar. Voidstar changes with better chance for objectives Swtor Voidstar is planned to make more about a race...

  • Join in Swtor Bounty Contract Week Event June 26 - July 2

    Time: 06/26/18

    Swtor Bounty Contract Week event returns this month from June 26. You will unlock Kingpin missions after completing five standard contracts, and gain big loot including reputation, armor, in-game pets and more. Read the details below and enjoy it. When can you join in Bounty Contract Week? Swtor Bounty Contract Week event returns for characters level 15+ from June 26 to July 2, 2018. The Bounty Brokers Association has opened its doors...

  • Will Swtor Vitiate/Valkorion & Others Come Back in the Story?

    Time: 06/22/18

    Recently Charles Boyd, the Creative Director for Star Wars: The Old Republic revealed some of his future plans in Passionately Casual Podcasts’s interview, including the plans on returning characters and the body of Emperor. Characters gone for a long time may come back in the future. Swtor Returning characters planned for future In the Passionately Casual Podcasts’s interview, Charles Boyd talks about the returning characters in the future. He thinks the next...

  • Swtor2credits Mid-Year Promo: Up to $10 Coupons for Swtor Credits

    Time: 06/20/18

    Do you love promotions? Here comes Swtor2credits Mid-Year Promo with cash coupons! From June 26, everyone has the chance to enjoy up to $10 coupons for cheap Swtor credits. Read the details below and use the corresponding code to buy Swtor credit from us. When will cash coupons be valid for Swtor credits? Our Swtor Credits Mid-Year Promo will run from June 26 to July 2, 2018. During this event, everyone has...

  • Swtor Khem Val Planned to Return & Update 5.10 Rishi Stronghold

    Time: 06/15/18

    Recently director Charles Boyd and community manager Eric Musco revealed more future plans on the Passionately Casual Podcast, including the new Rishi Stronghold in Swtor 5.10, returning companion Swtor Khem Val and plans for The Summer of PvP. New Rishi Stronghold coming with Swtor 5.10 It has been revealed before that a brand new Stronghold on Rishi will be released in Swtor 5.10, and now there is some new information. This stronghold...

  • Swtor 5.9.1a Patch Notes & Relics of the Gree Event Now Live

    Time: 06/13/18

    There is a two-hour long maintenance on June 13, during which a small patch Swtor 5.9.1a with two in-game changes will be applied. In addition, Head to the frozen battlegrounds of Ilum and uncover the mystery behind the ancient and powerful Grey Secant during Swtor Relics of the Gree event. Information on Swtor 5.9.1a maintenance June 13 Swtor will be taking the servers offline on Wednesday, June 13th in order to apply...

  • Guide for Swtor Imperial Agent Companions with Characteristics

    Time: 06/11/18

    The Imperial Agent is one of the four Empire-aligned classes and one of two non-Force users in this faction, with some companions available to this class. Here we will talk about the locations and characteristics of these Swtor Imperial Agent companions. Where to acquire Swtor Imperial Agent companions? You are able to gain the following Swtor Imperial Agent companions on different planets: Kaliyo Djannis – acquired on Hutta 2V-R8 – acquired on...

  • Father’s Day Hot Deals: Enjoy 8% Discount to Buy Swtor Credits

    Time: 06/07/18

    With the approach of Father’s Day this year, we have great promotions to celebrate that special day. Besides the Swtor Creidts Giveaway, there will be another chance in our Father’s Day Hot Deals: 8% discount to buy cheap Swtor credits from our site! When will you enjoy 8% off Swtor credits? Our Father’s Day Hot Deals runs from June 14 to June 20, 2018. During this event, everyone can enjoy 8% discount...

  • Learn Matchmaking Improvements Coming with Swtor Update 5.9.2

    Time: 06/05/18

    The Community Manager Eric Musco has revealed some currently planned changes coming with Swtor 5.9.2, including the improvements on matchmaking. You can see the detailed changes below which are made for the balance of Warzone and Starfighter matches. Swtor 5.9.2 coming with matchmaking improved Some pretty big improvements will be made on matchmaking with Swtor 5.9.2. According to Eric Musco’s post on Community, all of the changes below have the goal of...

  • Enjoy Totally 800M FREE Swtor Credits with Father’s Day Giveaway

    Time: 06/01/18

    As Father’s Day is drawing near this year, we will have Father’s Day Giveaway Time to celebrate that special day! There will be totally 800M free Swtor credits on our activity page. These free credits will be given out soon, so read the details below and mark the date! When can you snap up 800M free Swtor credits? Our Father’s Day Giveaway Time will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on June 8,...