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I believe you can enjoy fast credits swtor here as I really love this site. I'm looking forward to the free credits giveaway next week!

user Dec 11, 2017 - Kelly

Very reliable site for cheap swtor credit. The staff are nice to answer all my questions, thanks

user Dec 9, 2017 - Merlin

I searched for Swtor buy credits and then come here. Amazing delivery speed makes me feel satisfied so I would come again.

user Dec 8, 2017 - Rupert

I love the coupons for Swtor credits buying!

user Dec 7, 2017 - Thomas

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  • Christmas Giveaway Time: Enjoy 600M Swtor Credits for FREE!

    Time: 12/11/17

    Here comes our Christmas Giveaway Time! To celebrate the holiday, Swtor2credits will give away totally 600M free Swtor credits on Dec 18. Everyone has the great chance to get credits for free, so read the details and mark the date! When can you snap up 600M free Swtor credits? The Christmas Giveaway Time will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on December 18, 2017. You’d better visit activity page: https://www.swtor2credits.com/super-promo a few minutes...

  • Swtor 5.6.1 Preview: Main Updates & Changes Coming Dec 12

    Time: 12/09/17

    Swtor 5.6.1 will be released next week on December 12 with servers offline. We have known some contents in this update as they are delayed from Swtor 5.6 to Swtor 5.6.1 or related with the last patch, including new Warzone, double event and tripled CXP from daily mission. You can read them below. When will servers offline be for Swtor 5.6.1 update? Swtor will be taking the servers offline at 4:00AM -...

  • Join GeForce for Swtor KOTET Story, Chiss Mount & Armor Set

    Time: 12/07/17

    SWTOR joins forces with NVIDIA GeForce for an epic “Rule the Galaxy Story Pack” giveaway. Join GeForce by December 13th for a chance to get the Knights of the Eternal Throne story, Swtor Chiss Speeder, armor set and more. Read the information below and buy credits Swtor from Swtor2credits. How to participate in Rule the Galaxy Story Pack giveaway? Join the NVIDIA GeForce Experience community by downloading the GeForce Experience client and...

  • Wait for Swtor 5.6.1 Tripled CXP with Cheapest Swtor Credits

    Time: 12/04/17

    Recently Swtor has announced that players will have tripled CXP rewards in Swtor 5.6.1 which is coming next week. Then you may need more Swtor credits to enjoy the game, and besides farming by yourself, you could choose safe Swtor credits for sale with the cheapest prices to save your money. A professional online shop offering Swtor credits for sale As a reliable online store for Swtor credit, Swtor2credits has rich experience...

  • Swtor 5.6 Daily Area Changes & 5.6.1 Tripled CXP to Compensate

    Time: 12/01/17

    Swtor Daily Area changes in patch 5.6 have caused a discussion among players for there is no longer a daily bonus for doing daily Missions in Swtor patch 5.6. Swtor has explained this issue on Community, and in Swtor patch 5.6.1 players can enjoy tripled CXP rewards from Missions. Swtor patch 5.6: daily missions removed with weeklies granted After the release of Swtor patch 5.6, many players have found that Swtor Daily...

  • Swtor Unassembled Components Bug & Changes with Patch 5.6

    Time: 11/29/17

    With Swtor patch 5.6 released, Swtor Unassembled Components are no longer found in the currency tab, but in players’ inventory. Swtor has explained the issue that Unassembled Components are still displaying in the currency tab is a bug, and you can see other changes with Swtor update 5.6 below. Unassembled Components bug with Swtor patch 5.6 After the release of Swtor update 5.6, the currency tab will show that you have 0...

  • Pre-Christmas Super Promo: Up to $10 Off to Buy Swtor Credit

    Time: 11/28/17

    As December is coming soon, Swtor2credits is ready to embrace the Christmas this year! During the whole month, we will have several great promotions for Christmas, and here comes first the Pre-Christmas Super Promo with up to $10 cash coupons for cheap Swtor credits from Dec 5. When will up to $10 coupons be valid for Swtor credits? Our Pre-Christmas Super Promo will start from December 5 to December 12, 2017. Everyone...

  • Guide: Swtor Facing the Machines of War Mission Boss & Rewards

    Time: 11/27/17

    To complete Swtor facing the machines of war mission, players must carry out the tasks including defeating Swtor God of Rage Tyth. There is a guide on its tasks, mission rewards and tips to defeat the boss Tyth God of Rage, which may help you complete the mission with cheap Swtor credit. Overview of Swtor facing the machines of war mission The Scions need to talk to you about a prophecy that...

  • Swtor Patch 5.6 Upcoming Items in Spoils of War Pack & More

    Time: 11/25/17

    There are some upcoming items with Swtor patch 5.6, including some for Swtor Spoils of War pack and some for direct purchase. You can see the list of Armor Sets and find some you are interested in, and use Cartel Coins to buy them after the release of Swtor patch 5.6. Upcoming Armor Sets with Swtor patch 5.6 Some Aromor Sets coming for Swtor patch 5.6 are part of the upcoming Spoils...

  • Is it Worth Buying Swtor Master’s Datacron for Level Boost?

    Time: 11/22/17

    Swtor has mentioned the new item Swtor Master’s Datacron when talking about changes & updates in Swtor 5.6, and now they reveal more information about the item which can boost your character to max level immediately. Read more detailed information below and see whether you should buy it or not. What is Swtor Master’s Datacron coming with Swtor 5.6? Swtor Master’s Datacron is a new item introduced to the Cartel Market in...

  • Boss Swtor Nahut Coming with Swtor Update 5.6 & Screenshot Posted

    Time: 11/21/17

    Swtor has officially announced on Twitter that the new boss Nahut will come out with Swtor update 5.6 next week and showed the screenshot of Swtor Nahut. With Swtor update 5.6 coming soon, make full preparation with safe & cheap Swtor credits which you could get from Swtor2credits. Swtor Nahut, The Son of Shadow, coming out Nov 28 Swtor officially posted a Tweet with a screenshot on Nov 20, “Are you prepared...

  • Get Ready for Swtor 5.6 & Buy Credits Swtor with High Security

    Time: 11/20/17

    Have you stocked enough Swtor credits to get full preparation for upcoming Swtor Update 5.6? If you say no, come to Swtor2credits to buy credits Swtor! We provide hand-made swtor credits with safe and fast delivery, and use some strong security procedures to protect your personal information. 100% Hand-made swtor credits to ensure account safety When you buy credits Swtor from Swtor2credits, you NEVER need to worry about your account being banned....

  • Swtor Warzone Dalay & Master’s Datacron Coming with Swtor 5.6

    Time: 11/17/17

    Swtor has announced on community that new Yavin Warzone release date will be delayed to December 12 with Swtor patch 5.6.1. As Swtor 5.6 release date is drawing near, there is also the list of some big changes & updates, including Master’s Datacron which can boost your character to level 70. New Yavin Warzone coming with Swtor patch 5.6.1 Dec 12 As Swtor Community Manager Eric Musco announced, they are going to...

  • Super Sale II for Thanksgiving – Up to 10% Off on Swtor2credits

    Time: 11/15/17

    Besides the chance to snap up 1800M 60% off Swtor credits, we also have Super Sale II for Thanksgiving: up to 10% discount code when you buy cheap Swtor credits. Read the details below and don’t miss our Thanksgiving promotions! When will up to 10% discount be valid for Swtor credit? Our Super Sale II for Thanksgiving will start from Nov 22 to Nov 29, 2017. You can enjoy the discount when...

  • Swtor Cartel Market Nov 13: Revan Holostatue & Weapon Tuning

    Time: 11/14/17

    There are changes and new items in Swtor Cartel Market from November 13 to Nov 20, including Darth Malgus Armor Set, Revan Holostatue and Overcharged Swtor Weapon Tuning. If you need more Cartel Coins to purchase, you can learn how to get more Cartel Coins from our previous news. What are the changes in Swtor Cartel Market Nov 13? New Items Darth Malgus’s Armor Set — 1650 CC Imperator’s Command Hoverchair —...

  • Super Sale I for Thanksgiving – 1800M 60% Off Swtor Credits

    Time: 11/13/17

    Thanksgiving Day this year is drawing near! To show gratitude to our customers, we will offer Super Sale I for Thanksgiving with 60% off Swtor credits on Nov 22. Everyone has the chance to enjoy totally 1800M Swtor credits with the amazing discount! When can you enjoy 60% off for 1800M Swtor credits? The Super Sale I for Thanksgiving will start at 3:00 AM GMT on November 22, 2017. The quantities of...

  • How to Get the Cheapest Swtor Credits for Swtor United Forces?

    Time: 11/10/17

    As Swtor United Forces has been released, everyone has the chance to enjoy special rewards by logging in & completing PvE activities. You may need more Swtor credits for the update, and Swtor2credits will offer you the cheapest Swtor credits with amazing discounts & extra bonuses. Adjusting prices to offer you the best all the time We have been constantly trying our best to provide our customers with Swtor credits at the...

  • Swtor United Forces Now Live with Swtor 5.5.1 Patch Notes

    Time: 11/08/17

    Swtor United Forces Update is released today with Swtor servers merged. Swtor 5.5.1 has increased the character slots, and don’t forget to login and complete three PvE activities to get special rewards. Now you can read the Swtor 5.5.1 patch notes with the cheapest Swtor credits for sale. Swtor United Forces is live with pet & companion rewards With Swtor United Forces update, Swtor servers are merged into five new servers: Satele...

  • Swtor Server Merges Nov 8 – New Servers & Characters Changes

    Time: 11/06/17

    As part of the United Forces update, there will be Swtor server merges on November 8. All Swtor characters will be moved to one of five new servers, which may cause some influence on your character slots & names. Check the new Swtor servers and important information below to get full prepared. Swtor servers merged into five new servers On November 8th, 2017, the Swtor servers will be merged into 5 new...

  • Swtor United Forces Rewards – Mini Mogul NM-1 & Darth Hexid

    Time: 11/03/17

    Next week on November 8th, to celebrate the Swtor United Forces update, players who join the excitement right from the beginning will be able to earn two very special rewards: the Mini Mogul NM-1 minipet and Darth Hexid Companion. Read details on how you can earn them and buy credits Swtor here. Swtor Mini Mogul NM-1 Minipet: a miniaturized battle walker A miniaturized version of the battle walker employed by Supreme Mogul...

  • Makeb CXP Not Showing an Increase as Swtor 5.5A Patch Notes

    Time: 11/02/17

    After Swtor update 5.5a, some players find that CXP rewarded in Makeb Weekly Missions doesn’t increase as Swtor 5.5a patch notes said. Swtor community has responded with this Makeb CXP bug and passed it on to investigation team, and we can wait for the bug fix with cheap Swtor credits. Swtor Makeb Weekly Missions not showing CXP increase Swtor patch 5.5a patch notes show that Makeb Planetary Weekly Missions now rewards 8,000...

  • New MK-10 Augments: Purple & Legendary Coming with Swtor 5.6

    Time: 10/30/17

    There will be new Swtor 5.6 augments with: Purple augments and Legendary augments, and two crafting materials which are required to craft the augments have been added. Read the information of augments, Schematic & Stats and required materials to know about the update. Required crafting materials for augments with Swtor 5.6 Purple augments are rewarded from the new Copero flashpoint, A Traitor Among the Chiss, while legendary augments must be crafted. For...

  • 2X Reward Points for Members & 5% Extra Bonus for All from Nov 6

    Time: 10/28/17

    Here comes the Swtor2credits Member Special! From November 6, we offer double reward points for Swtor2credits members and 5% extra bonus for all. All reward points can be used as cash when you buy swtor credits on Swtor2credits. When will 2x reward points & 5% extra bonus be valid? Swtor2credits Member Special will begin on Nov 6 and end on Nov 12, 2017. During this activity you can enjoy double reward points for...

  • How to Solve Swtor No One Time Password to Log into Swtor?

    Time: 10/27/17

    It seems that Swtor no One Time Password issue has been existed for long time due to players’ response to this problem. If you have the trouble logging into Swtor for you can’t receive the Swtor One Time Password, read the information below to find a solution. What is “Swtor no One Time Password” issue? Many players have been requested to submit a One Time Password to log into Swtor. However, they...

  • Update on Swtor Server Mergers & Best Site for Swtor Credits

    Time: 10/25/17

    Swtor has posted on community talking about the update on Swtor Server Mergers. They have officially moved out of their West Coast location and test on it, and on Nov 8 there will be Swtor Servers down for move to new Servers. Moreover, Swtor2credits can be your best choice to buy cheap Swtor credits for sale. Swtor has officially moved out of the West Coast location As game producer Keith Kanneg said...

  • Swtor Character Transfer Sale Ends Oct 24 after Servers Offline

    Time: 10/23/17

    If you wanted to transfer characters, now would be the time as the cost will go from 90 CC to 900 CC or even more if you are transferring cross-region. Swtor character transfer sale will be ending with Swtor maintenance tomorrow, so for those who want to transfer characters, don’t miss the last chance. Swtor servers offline with character transfer sale ending There will be Swtor servers offline tomorrow for back-end maintenance....

  • Enjoy 9% Off Swtor credits for Happy Halloween Treat from Oct 26

    Time: 10/19/17

    Halloween this year is drawing near! On Swtor2credits, we also have Happy Halloween Treat for all of you to enjoy: 9% off for our Swtor credits. Read the detailed information below, and enjoy the discount code to buy Swtor credits! When is the Happy Halloween Treat for cheap Swtor credits? Happy Halloween Treat will begin from October 26 to November 1, 2017. During this activity you can enjoy 9% off for all...

  • Swtor Rakghoul Event & THORN Reputation Vendor Return Oct 17

    Time: 10/18/17

    Help T.H.O.R.N. to stop the spread of Rakghoul plague outbreak in Swtor Rakghoul Event! Start your journey and collect Rakghoul DNA Canister for special items from THORN Reputation Vendor. There is what you must know about this event, so simply read it and don’t forget to buy credits Swtor from us. When & How to take part in Swtor Rakghoul event? Swtor Rakghoul event begins on October 17 and ends on Oct...

  • Swtor Ulgo Siegebreaker Boss defeating Guide & Strategies

    Time: 10/16/17

    As one of the world bosses on Alderaan, Swtor Ulgo Siegebreaker is not so easy to defeat for some players. This guide collects some basic information of Swtor Ulgo Siegebreaker and provides the strategies to defeat the boss in the easier way. You can also buy Swtor credits from our site to make your character stronger for that. Basic information of boss Swtor Ulgo Siegebreaker Swtor Ulgo Siegebreaker is a level 35...

  • How to Fix Swtor Reorganizing Data Slow to Make it Quicker?

    Time: 10/13/17

    Many players have met the issue that Swtor reorganizing data is very slow. We find the most efficient solution with Bitraider deleting to fix Swtor reorganizing data slow issue, and you can also try other ways we have listed. If there is a need for Swtor credits, we always serve you the best. Real solutions to Swtor reorganizing data slow issue A temporary solution is to just open task manager and close...