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  • Explanation for Latest Maintenance & Swtor Update 5.2.2 on June 13

    Time: 2017-05-25

    After Eric announced the time for the latest maintenance would be on May 25, this news has caused heated debate. And then Keith explained it in detail in time, at the same time we learned they would apply Swtor update 5.2.2 on June 13. When you need Swtor Credits cheap, you can rely on Swtor2credits. Why does the news about the Swtor maintenance attract so much attention? At first some players mentioned...

  • No Plan of Adding Tier to Galactic Command Swtor from Keith

    Time: 2017-05-24

    Keith - Game Producer of Swtor recently replied a lot to the treads of Swtor players. And we just learned that they would not add Tier 5 to Swtor Galactic Command from Keith. And when buying Swtor Credits, don’t forget Swtor2credits. What is the specific content about the response from Keith? Besides the news about the new game update Swtor 5.2.2 from Keith, from whom we also have learned a lot of...

  • Mid-year Promo with 10% Off for Swtor Credits & Others on Swtor2credits

    Time: 2017-05-23

    How time flies! We have been in the middle of the year! And a big mid-year promo on Swtor2credits is waiting for you. Whatever you buy from Swtor2credits, you can enjoy 10% off during the promo. With shopping once here, you will believe Swtor2credits is the best place to buy Swtor Credits. When can you join in the mid-year promo? You can enjoy the mid-year promo from May 27 to June 12,...

  • Change Theron’s Outfit in Swtor 5.2.2 & Buy Cheap Swtor Credits on Swtor2credits

    Time: 2017-05-20

    Along with the the features disclosed by Keigh - Game Producer, he has revealed another features appearing in Swtor Update 5.2.2 lately. What’s more, you can buy cheap Swtor Credits on Swtor2credits when you are lack of them. What is another feature in Swtor 5.2.2 revealed lately by Keith?  On the way to deliver the Swtor Roadmap this month, Keith revealed that In Swtor 5.2.2 which was coming in June, you could...

  • Announcement

    Time: 2017-05-16

    Hey, everyone! We feel sorry to announce that all staff on our company will leave for a spring outing from 01:00 am to 11:59 am on May 16, 2017 GMT. During this period, you can still place order on our site as usual. Once we are back to work, we will process your order ASAP. Awfully sorry for the inconvenience again.The Swtor2credits Team

  • Improve Swtor Cartel Packs with Steadfast Champion Pack on May 16

    Time: 2017-05-15

    In the future there will be some changes to cartel packs Swtor, and Bioware will change Steadfast Champion pack at first which is coming on May 16, 2017. And with the changes you may need more Swtor Credits cheap.What can you get right now?Right now when you get a pack, you will get two items including new pack item(s) and/or Grand Chance Cube(s), and two misc. including Jawa Scraps and Companion Gifts.What...

  • Hopefully Add Weapons to Outfit designer Swtor This Year

    Time: 2017-05-12

    Recently a tread about “Why aren’t weapons a part of Outfit Designer?” has caused great discussion. And we may see Swtor will add weapons to Outfit designer this year according to Charles - Creative Director for Swtor. And by the way when buying swtor credits, Swtor2credits is a perfect place for you.What is the answer to this tread from Charles as Creative Director for Swtor? According to Charles, because they mainly focused...

  • Expect Swtor Update 5.2.2 & find Best Place to Buy Swtor Credits

    Time: 2017-05-10

    According to the new Swtor Game Producer Keith, we can expect the new game update Swtor 5.2.2 in Mid June, 2017. Are you interested in this news? Do you want to find the best place to buy Swtor Credits? And then the following information will fulfill your hope.The features of Swtor Update 5.2.21. You can join in the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event again in Swtor 5.2.2, and then you can not only...

  • Enjoy Mother’s Day with $10 Off When You Buy Cheap Swtor Credits & Others

    Time: 2017-05-08

    Here comes Mother’s Day on May 14th, 2017. And on Swtor2credits we also hold a celebration for this festival. During the activity, you can save up to $10 if you buy cheap Swtor Credits of certain amount or other products on Swtor2credits.The activity time to save up to $10 when you buy cheap Swtor Credits or othersYou can join in the activity as many times as possible during the time between May...

  • Gain Eternal Throne Ultimate Pack & Double XP for May the Fourth in Swtor

    Time: 2017-05-05

    To celebrate May the fourth, this year Swtor holds a lot of celebrations. You can rule the galaxy with the Eternal Throne Ultimate Pack if you are Twitch Prime members. Meanwhile there is free M4-Y6 Astromech Droid Mini-Pet and double XP waiting for you. And never forget the cheapest Swtor Credits from Swtor2credits.Gain Eternal Throne Ultimate Pack as Twitch Prime membersUntil May 15, 2017 you can gain Eternal Throne Ultimate Pack as...

  • Swtor Patch Notes for 5.2.1 & Twin Bosses Fight Area in Swtor 5.3

    Time: 2017-05-02

    We need to wait for the update of Swtor 5.2.1 during the time from 5 AM to 9 AM PDT May 2, 2017. Meanwhile after the revealed picture of the future twin bosses in Swtor 5.3, we can see the area where you will fight against the twins bosses “Esne and Aivela”.The features of Swtor patch notes for Swtor 5.2.1You can obtain your own M4-Y6 Astromech mini-pet from May 2 to May...

  • Early Glimpse of Upcoming Bosses in Swtor 5.3 & Swtor CM Weekly Sales

    Time: 2017-04-26

    Apart from the recent news about Swtor Patch 5.3 revealed on the Star Wars Celebration Cantina, now we can catch a glimpse of the upcoming bosses “Ivela and Esne”. At the same time we will update the Swtor CM Sales this week.The first look at the two new raid bossesHere you will take a first look at the upcoming bosses after Tyth in Swtor 5.3. And Esne is a cunning fighter who...

  • Special Offer II for Star Wars Day - Up to 10% off on Swtor2credits

    Time: 2017-04-25

    Have you got our free Swtor Credits in our first round celebration for Star Wars Day? If not, never miss our second celebration for Star Wars Day. This time you can get up to 10% off when you buy cheap Swtor Credits on Swtor2credits.The contents of our second celebration for Star Wars DayDuring the celebration, you can enjoy 8% off with the code: STA8, when you buy any product on Swtor2credits.In addition,...

  • Find the Best Place to Buy Swtor Credits at the Very First

    Time: 2017-04-24

    As we all say, well start is half done! When you play Swtor, more or less you need to buy Swtor Credits. Maybe you just think it’s not so important to find a place to buy Swtor Credits, actually the best way to save time and energy for you is to find the best place to buy Stwtor Credits at the very beginning. And now you can tell Swtor2credits is just your...

  • Special Offer I for Star Wars Day - 500,000K Free Swtor Credits

    Time: 2017-04-20

    Swtor 5.2 has just been released, and then Star Wars Day is right around the corner. In order to celebrate its coming, Swtor2credits will offer total 500,000K Swtor Credits for free on April 26. And just remember it’s just our first round special offer for Star Wars Day.What’s the specific time for the giveaway?At 3:00 AM sharp GMT on April 26, 2017, you can kick off our giveaway activities, but just remember...

  • The Way to Unlock Daily Quests in Swtor War for Iokath

    Time: 2017-04-19

    When you want the guide on unlocking daily quests in Swtor War for Iokath, the following details are what you need exactly right now. And when you want the cheapest Swtor Credits, Swtor2credits is right here. Main Story Arc to unlock Swtor War for Iokath daily questsThe following is the main story arc to unlock the Iokath daily quests, and keep in mind that the old allies have returned with Swtor War...

  • Try Swtor 5.2: War for Iokath in Hours with Swtor Credits Cheap

    Time: 2017-04-18

    After such a long time, the long-awaited moment is coming eventually. In less ten hours we will explore Swtor Update 5.2: The War for Iokath by ourselves. And in the following hours if you are eager for Swtor Credits cheap, Swtor2credits will be here for you.When does Swtor 5.2 release exactly?In order to release Swtor Update 5.2: The War for Iokath, Swtor will be offline from 5:00AM PDT April 18 to 9:00AM...

  • Latest News for Swtor 5.3 & Free Speeder from Star Wars Celebration

    Time: 2017-04-17

    In addition to the free M8-3R Astromech Droid, Swtor also gives out a free Speeder for Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017. What’s more, we also learned something new about Swtor patch 5.3, while we are still waiting for Swtor Patch 5.2. If you have trouble buying Swtor Credits, Swtor2credits can solve all your problems. How can you get the free speeder from Swtor?The same as the way to get free M8-3R Astromech...

  • Swtor Celebrate 2017 Star Wars Celebration with Free M8-3R Droid

    Time: 2017-04-17

    2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando has come to a successful end in Orlando, Florida, and Star Wars fans have so much fun, including the trailer of The last Jedi and Star Wars-themed Disney Park. At the same time Swtor has been giving away free M8-3R Astromech Droid until April 18, 2017 for Star Wars Celebration.What have Star Wars fans been through during 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando?They have been seen the trailer...

  • Meet New Producer of Swtor: Keith Kanneg at Community Cantina Event

    Time: 2017-04-14

    Just before the new update Swtor: The War for Iolath, Keith Kanneg replaces Ben Irving as the new Swtor game producer, and he used to be the Director of Live Services for Swtor. In a few hours there will be the Community Cantina event in Orlando for Star Wars Celebration, where you can meet the new producer if you happen to be in Orlando.Keith Kanneg’s previous jobFormerly as Swtor Director of Live...

  • Equip Yourself with Cheapest Swtor Credits Before April 18

    Time: 2017-04-13

    Right now most players must make full use of the few days to improve your abilities before the new update Swtor: The War for Iokath releases, but on the contrary some players really don’t have enough time to play Swtor. Then your best choice is to equip yourself with the cheapest Swtor Credits on Swtor2credits.The cheapest Swtor Credits you can find on the websiteWe can guarantee you that our Swtor credits are...

  • Pore Over Patch Notes & Expect Swtor War for Iokath Release Date

    Time: 2017-04-12

    As is known to all that Swtor War for Iokath release date has been delayed to April 18, 2017. But luckily we still can learn the Swtor 5.2 patch notes right now. While waiting for the new Swtor War for Iokath release date, you can make a better preparation by buying Swtor Credits cheap on Swtor2credits.Seven features of Swtor: War for IokathWith new Iokath Storyline you can choose to side with the...

  • Delay Updating Swtor 5.2 to Apr 18 & Preview Swtor Patch Notes

    Time: 2017-04-11

    At the last second Swtor just announced they would put off the launch of Swtor Update 5.2 until April 18. And many players are not satisfied with it. Fortunately, we can preview the Swtor patch notes as planned.Why does Swtor change the release date of Swtor Update 5.2?As Swtor has been always doing, they just want to show the best quality update to their players, and this time is no exception. They...

  • Swtor 5.2 Patch Notes Out April 10 & Star Wars Celebration April 13

    Time: 2017-04-08

    After so long waiting, in a few days we will finally experience Swtor 5.2: the War for Lokath. At the same time you can overview the whole Swtor 5.2 Patch Notes on April 10. And the new storyline and the new galaxy map in Swtor 5.2 are waiting for us all. Swtor will Maintain During the Time of Updating Swtor 5.2From 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM PST (8:00-12:00 GMT) on April 11,...

  • New Galaxy Map on Iokath with the Update of Swtor 5.2

    Time: 2017-04-07

    Along with the details about choosing the Faction on Iokath properly revealed yesterday, now we can learn more about another improvement in Swtor 5.2: the new Galaxy Map on Swtor2credits, where you can also buy cheap Swtor Credits. The Improvements About the Galaxy Map in Swtor 5.2The new Galaxy Map will not only be so visually stunning, but also surprise us in functional features.The Requirements to Use the New Galaxy MapIf you...

  • Buying Swtor Credits with $10 Vouchers for Easter & Swtor 5.2

    Time: 2017-04-07

    As we all know Swtor 5.2 will release on April 11, which is close to Easter this year. For we want you to enjoy the third happiness, up to $10 cash vouchers is available when buying Swtor Credits or any other product on Swtor2credits.How Long will the Activity Last?It lasts from 8:00 AM on April 11 GMT to 8:00 AM on April 18, 2017 GMT. How Can You Get Up to $10...

  • Choose the Faction on Iokath Properly with Swtor 5.2 Releasing

    Time: 2017-04-06

    Last week, Swtor revealed something about PvP on Iokath, it told us that the faction you chose on Iokath would decide who were your enemies or allies. But still there are many players are confused about that. Right now we can learn more about choosing the faction on lokath when Swtor Patch 5.2 releases.What are the Consequences After Choosing the Faction on Iokath?On the one hand, choosing the faction on Iokath has...

  • Release the PTS Videos of Swtor Tyth Operation on Dulfy

    Time: 2017-04-05

    On Dulfy right now we have been able to see some footage of the new Tyth operation boss before the update of Swtor Patch 5.2. And it mainly includes 16m Tyth Veteran Mode and 8m Tyth Veteran Mode.What are the Videos Mainly About?They are mainly about Healer video by naNuke, Tank video by Curt, DPS video by TcThief, DPS video by TcMeat, Healer video by Kalizo, and Tank video by Beau.What do...

  • Swtor2credits is at Your Service for Swtor Credits Buying

    Time: 2017-04-01

    Are you the first time to buy Swtor Credits? Don’t know how to pick so many traders over? Here are some guides for buying Swtor Credits or other related products.Make Sure Your Account’s SafetyYou certainly don’t want to lose your account when buying Swtor Credits or others. How to make sure that? Most important of all, the Swtor Credits you buy must be farmed totally by hand without any bots or macros...

  • Highly Recommend Swtor2credits, Best Place to Buy Swtor Credits

    Time: 2017-03-30

    For our superb service and rich experience, more and more customers regard Swtor2credits as the best place to buy Swtor Credits. And naturally they recommend us to their friends, who eventually become our loyal customers too. Now you must be very curious about the reasons. And then what you should is to read the following contents very carefully.You Can Find the Cheapest Swtor Credits on Swtor2credits.Some customers may wonder why we change...