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Everything is fine on this site. Easily get some credits, and their staff are very patient to answer my questions.

user Oct 18, 2018 - Aphrodite

Patient and enthusiastic customer service. Best site in my eyes.

user Oct 16, 2018 - Idris

Come here several times to get some credits. The 24/7 live help is very useful, every time they can solve my problem fast.

user Oct 13, 2018 - Anouk

swtor2credits is my favourite site to purchase credits. Everything is good here.

user Oct 11, 2018 - Ethan

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  • Swtor Rise of Hutt and Shadow of Revan for Free until Nov 1

    Time: 10/19/18

    There is the great news which is released by Star Wars: The old Republic team. Rise of Hutt and Shadow of Revan are free for players until Nov 1, which is congratulating the release of KOTOR character. Here is some information about it: Details of Rise of Hutt and Shadow of Revan for free Star War: The old Republic team is very exhilarated to celebrate the classic KOTOR character. So Bioware has...

  • Thrilling Halloween Party: Up to $10 Coupons for Swtor Credits

    Time: 10/17/18

    Are you ready to celebrate exciting Halloween this year? From Oct 25, come here to join in our Thrilling Halloween Party for Swtor fans! There will be up to $10 cash coupons to help you save when making an order from us for cheap Swtor credits. When can you enjoy coupons for Swtor credits? Our Thrilling Halloween Party will be active from October 25 to November 1, 2018. During this event, up...

  • Swtor 5.10 Preview: Ossus, Gods from the Machine Mode & More

    Time: 10/13/18

    It has been officially revealed the next update, Swtor 5.10 Jedi Under Siege is going to come in December. Although the specific release date is still unknown, we can know about new contents including Swtor Ossus daily area, Gods from the Machine Master Mode and more. Swtor Ossus daily area in 5.10 Jedi under Siege In Swtor 5.10 you will be able to explore the new daily area: Ossus. Swtor Ossus is...

  • Enjoy Up to 9% Off Swtor Credits for Happy Halloween 2018

    Time: 10/09/18

    Halloween is drawing near this year! To celebrate this thrilling holiday, you will find great promotions on Swtor2credits. Besides our Pre-Halloween Giveaway on Oct 12, there will be Ready for Halloween 2018 event with up to 9% discounts for Swtor credits. When will up to 9% discounts valid for credits? Our Ready for Halloween 2018 event runs from October 12 to October 19, 2018. During this period, everyone could use 7%-9% discount...

  • Pre-Halloween Giveaway: Enjoy Totally 1500M FREE Swtor Credits

    Time: 10/08/18

    Are you preparing for Halloween which is drawing near this year? To celebrate this thrilling holiday, we will host the Pre-Halloween Giveaway with totally 1500M Swtor credits for free on Oct 12. Please read details and enjoy free credits on Swtor2credits! When can you snap up 1500M free Swtor credits? Swtor2credits Pre-Halloween Giveaway will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on October 12, 2018. You’d better visit our Activity Page a few minutes...

  • Swtor 5.10 New Contents Revealed in Cantina Livestream Oct 11

    Time: 10/05/18

    The next update, Swtor 5.10 – Jedi under Siege is planned to release this autumn, and it has been revealed the update details will be discussed in the Cantina Livestream. Besides watching the stream, you can also read our Swtor 5.10 preview to know about some information. Swtor 5.10 details revealed soon in livestream Eric Musco has announced the discussion about Swtor 5.10 will begin in earnest with the Cantina Livestream, which...

  • How to Level Fast during Swtor Double XP Event from Oct 2nd?

    Time: 10/02/18

    After the release of update 5.9.3, Swtor double XP event is active from October 2 to October 9 to help you gain more XP in game. If you wish to level fast with double XP, read our guide below to know what you can do during this event. Doing Warzones with Swtor double XP week Leveling by doing Warzones is a good choice during Swtor double XP event. Although you are not...

  • Swtor 5.10: What Returning Companions Will You See this Update?

    Time: 09/29/18

    Planned to release this autumn, Swtor 5.10 will bring us some new contents, including storylines focused on the Empire vs Republic conflict and more returning companions. Now three characters have been confirmed to come back with the update 5.10. More companions will return with Swtor 5.10 Same as some other updates, Swtor 5.10 will bring in more returning companions and fan-favorite characters: Doc – Doc is a brilliant physician and fearless journeyman,...

  • For Swtor 5.9.3 & Double XP: Up to $10 Cash Coupons for Credits

    Time: 09/25/18

    During the next two weeks we can see Swtor 5.9.3 with the new Huttball map and the double XP event. To help you enjoy all the contents to the full, there will be up to $10 cash coupons for Swtor credits from Sep 30. Please read details below and join in our event! When can you enjoy coupons for Swtor credits? Our Enjoy Swtor 5.9.3 & Double XP event will run from...

  • Prepare for Upcoming Swtor Double XP Event & Update 5.9.3

    Time: 09/19/18

    Get ready to play Huttball on Vandin and watch out for traps with the coming of Swtor 5.9.3! The next update is going to be released on Sep 26, and Swtor double XP event will also be active the next week after the update 5.9.3 launches. Swtor 5.9.3 release date set on September 26 Swtor 5.9.3: Fame and Fortune has been officially announced to release on September 26, 2018. With this update...

  • What Will You Enjoy with Upcoming Swtor 5.9.3 this Sep?

    Time: 09/17/18

    Planned to release in late September, Swtor 5.9.3 will bring in the new Huttball map in planet Vandin – Sky Shredder and other contents. And according to the official post on the community, some bugs will also be fixed with this update. New Sky Shredder Huttball map in Swtor 5.9.3 The most attractive content coming with Swtor 5.9.3 is the new Huttball PvP map in Vandin, which is called the Sky Shredder....

  • Enjoy 8% Off for Swtor Credits in Swtor2credits Autumn Party

    Time: 09/14/18

    You must find that there are always some great promotions and discounts on our site. Besides the Swtor Creidts 60% off Sale on Sep 17, here comes another chance in Swtor2credits Autumn Party: 8% discount to buy cheap Swtor credits from us! When will 8% off Swtor credits be available? Swtor2credits Autumn Party runs from September 17 to September 24, 2018. During this activity, everyone can enjoy 8% discount to buy Swtor...

  • Snap Up 60% Off Swtor Credits in Autumn Big Discount Event

    Time: 09/12/18

    As autumn is coming, get ready for our Big Discount in Autumn event on Sep 17th! We will offer totally 5000M Swtor credits with awesome 60% discount. The 60% off credits will be given out soon, so read the details below and mark the date: When can you enjoy 60% off for Swtor credits? Our Big Discount in Autumn event will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on September 17, 2018. You’d better...

  • Swtor Group Finder Issue Fixed Soon & Cartel Market Update

    Time: 09/11/18

    The dev team has been aware of Ops missing from Swtor group finder and is planning to fix this issue with the upcoming maintenance. Read the details below to know about the group finder issue and Swtor Cartel Market changes this week. Issue of Ops missing from Swtor group finder Recently many players have noticed that the Ops are not listed in group finder any longer. Now the dev team is also...

  • Swtor 5.10: Look Forward to New Storyline, Characters & More

    Time: 09/07/18

    Swtor Roadmap 2018 has been updated, introducing the next major storyline, exciting new gameplay and more. Coming with Swtor 5.10 which is planned to release this autumn, the storyline will kick off with a bang on the ancient Jedi world. Swtor 5.10 storylines back to ancient Jedi world Swtor 5.10 – Jedi under Siege will take us to a destroyed and ravished ancient Jedi world, which was ravaged by a cataclysm centuries...

  • Preview: Swtor 5.9.3 Fame and Fortune with Sky Shredder Map

    Time: 09/04/18

    Recently Swtor 5.9.3 Fame and Fortune has been announced to release later this month, featuring the new Huttball map in planet Vandin – Sky Shredder. If you want to know more about Swtor 5.9.3, read the preview below to learn what you will face in this update. Learn basics of Sky Shredder map in Swtor 5.9.3 Swtor 5.9.3, named “Fame and Fortune”, is planned to release in late September 2018. With this...

  • Learn PTS Schedule & Swtor 5.9.3 Vandin Huttball PvP Map

    Time: 09/01/18

    The Star Wars: The Old Republic Public Test Server (PTS) is once again up, allowing players to freely test new Swtor Vandin Huttball map. This Huttball PvP map is bigger than the original map, and will be released with Swtor 5.9.3 in late September. Participate in PTS for Swtor Vandin Huttball map Swtor PTS runs now for the new Vandin Huttball Warzone, allowing the dev team to ensure a higher volume of...

  • New Sky Shredder Hutball Map Planned to Release in Swtor 5.9.3

    Time: 08/31/18

    Recently the Bad Feeling Podcast reveals some information on the dev team’s current plans, including new Swtor Sky Shredder Hutball map, some actions to combat PvP win traders and more. The new Hutball PvP map will come out with Swtor 5.9.3 in September. New Hutball map coming in Swtor 5.9.3 New Hutball PvP map is coming with Swtor 5.9.3, which is named “The Sky Shredder” on the planet Vandin. As the 5.9.3...

  • Take Your Autumn Gifts: Up to 9% Discounts for Swtor Credits

    Time: 08/29/18

    With the hot summer passed, cool autumn is coming with our Autumn Gifts for Swtor credits! From Sep 5th, we will offer up to 9% discounts to buy Swtor credits from our site. The more you buy, the bigger discount you will enjoy! When will up to 9% discounts valid for credits? Swtor2credits Autumn Gifts will run from September 5 to September 11, 2018. During this promotion, everyone could use 7%-9% discount...

  • What Are Swtor 6.0 Potential Release Date & Content Feature?

    Time: 08/27/18

    Half of year 2018 has passed, and some players may wonder when the big update – Swtor 6.0 comes to game. The 6.0 expansion was confirmed early this year, and according to the previous interview, it will be a traditional expansion based on Republic versus Empire. What will Swtor 6.0 expansion feature? Although Swtor 6.0 in the works is confirmed before, this expansion is still very mysterious to all of us. During...

  • Swtor 5.9.2a Patch Notes: Stronghold Lag Fixed & More Changes

    Time: 08/23/18

    Recently we wrote about the Swtor Stronghold lag after patch 5.9.2, and now this issue has been fixed with the latest Update 5.9.2a. It also closed a gap which allowed you to get underneath the Overlook platform in the Rishi Stronghold, and you can read the full Swtor 5.9.2a patch notes below. Stronghold lag issue fixed with Swtor 5.9.2a Swtor 5.9.2a brings a much-needed fix for the Stronghold delays and lag. Now...

  • Guide for Swtor Toxxun World Boss in Corellia Rakghoul Event

    Time: 08/21/18

    As Swtor Rakghoul event, Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia runs until August 27, you will meet the world boss –Toxxun. By defeating Swtor Toxxun, you will get a new pet Plaguehorn Sleen in addition to Exotic Plague Specimen. Moreover, it’s safe and fast to buy Swtor credit from us. Defeat world boss for Corellia – Swtor Toxxun Swtor Plaguehorn was a massive Narvaxx that was infected with the rakghoul plague during a resurgence of...

  • Galactic Starfighter Matchmaking Changes Clarified in Swtor 5.9.2

    Time: 08/16/18

    As there is a discussion on matchmaker in update 5.9.2, Swtor designer Bret Hoffman has clarified that there were no changes made to the match size logic in the patch. Additionally, he explained what has been improved for Swtor Galactic Starfighter matchmaking. No changes to Galactic Starfighter match size Bret Hoffman clarified on Community that there were no changes made to the match size logic with the changes that came in 5.9.2....

  • Enjoy 8% Off for Swtor Credits in Swtor2credits August Promo

    Time: 08/15/18

    To help our customers save, we always offer great promotions and discounts on our site. Besides the Swtor Creidts Giveaway on Aug 17, there will be another chance in Swtor2credits August Promo: 8% discount to buy cheap Swtor credits from us! When will you enjoy 8% off Swtor credits? Swtor2credits August Promo runs from August 23 to August 30, 2018. During this activity, everyone can enjoy 8% discount to buy Swtor credits...

  • Swtor Stronghold Lag Issue Permanent Fix Implemented Soon

    Time: 08/14/18

    After the release of game update 5.9.2, Bioware has addressed the ongoing lag spikes and delay issues that players are experiencing inside Strongholds. A permanent fix is coming soon for this Swtor Stronghold lag issue, which may be deployed on Thursday. Upcoming patch to fix Swtor Stronghold lag issue Players have found delays and lag when inside a Stronghold after the release of Swtor 5.9.2 Galactic Legend. For this issue, a temporary...

  • Enjoy Totally 1000M FREE Swtor Credits for Game Update 5.9.2

    Time: 08/11/18

    Swtor 5.9.2 – Galactic Legend has come to game recently. To celebrate its release, we will offer totally 1000M Swtor credits for free on Aug 17. Please read details below and mark the date, and always buy Swtor credit cheap & fast from us. When can you snap up 800M free Swtor credits? Our Giveaway Time for Swtor 5.9.2 will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on August 17, 2018. You’d better visit...

  • Swtor Rishi Stronghold Guide: Access, Secret Achievements & More

    Time: 08/09/18

    Swtor Rishi Stronghold is a brand new Stronghold on Rishi released in Update 5.9.2. Special designated PvP areas allow for the hosts and owners to organize player-driven PvP matches and tournaments, and here is the guide below to talk about how to purchase, secret achievements and more. How can you unlock Swtor Rishi Stronghold? Swtor Rishi Stronghold can be purchased for 3,000,000 Credits or 2,650 Cartel Coins. To purchase the Stronghold, go...

  • Policy for Win Traders in Swtor Ranked PvP Season 9 & Beyond

    Time: 08/08/18

    According to the post from Community Manager Eric Musco, there is the new policy to combat win trading starting with the end of Swtor Ranked PvP Season 9. He also explained how they verify players who are win trading, backfilling, etc. Swtor Ranked PVP policy to combat win trading In order to combat win trading, Swtor now has a zero-tolerance policy on win trading with Season 9 gone and 10 in process....

  • Swtor 5.9.2 Galactic Legends Coming with Patch Notes Released

    Time: 08/07/18

    Swtor 5.9.2 releases on August 7th 2018 after a scheduled maintenance from 5:00AM - 9:00AM PDT (1200 - 1600 GMT), and now Swtor patch notes have been available. Here you can see some highlights in patch notes, including the Rishi Hideout Stronghold, new Arena and more. Learn highlights of Swtor 5.9.2 patch notes 1. New Stronghold: The Rishi Hideout - Escape the daily grind of galactic life by traveling to your own...

  • PvP Tank Shielding Changes Not Be Happening for Swtor 5.9.2

    Time: 08/02/18

    Due to the critical bugs, planned Tank Shielding changes will not be released in upcoming Swtor 5.9.2, but may come with a future update. These Swtor PvP Tank Shielding changes will allow Critical Hits to also be affected by Shield / Absorb, and you can read details below with cheap Swtor credits. Swtor PvP Tank Shielding changes not for 5.9.2 On June the team once announced that there would be some PvP...