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swtor credits buying from this website is safe and fast. All transactions are smooth until now.

user Jul 26, 2017 - Marvin

40000k swtor gold completed in 15 minutes. Recommend this amount for it was really fast to be delivered.

user Jul 26, 2017 - Gordon

I purchased 90000K swtor credits with 4500K bonus, and have received it. The whole process was done in 25 minutes. It did as I expected.

user Jul 25, 2017 - Gideon

I had made an order of swtor credit, and it was completed in 20 minutes. It's not bad.

user Jul 21, 2017 - V

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  • Swtor Darth Hexid Companion Available in the Future

    Time: 07/26/17

    Swtor Darth Hexid companion was introduced as a Dark Side choice during 2016 Dark vs Light Event. As the Light side won in that DVL event, no one was rewarded this Dark Side companion. However, Bioware has recently announced that Darth Hexid would be available in the future. Are you willing to buy credits swtor for this companion in case?  Darth Hexid was introduced as a Dark Side companion During 2016 Summer...

  • No Changes for Swtor Rank 4 Command Crates RNG & Cartel Certificates

    Time: 07/21/17

    Recently, players spend lots of swtor credits buy from our site, but still get few legendary items from Rank 4 Command Crates. For this issue, Bioware has clarified that the drop rate of Swtor Rank 4 Command Crates doesn’t change ever. Besides, there will be no changes for Cartel Certificates in the next three months.  248 legendary items from Command Crates is existing but uncommon Bioware has confirmed that they have made...

  • Casey Hudson Replaces Aaryn Flynn & Appointed to BioWare GM

    Time: 07/19/17

    BioWare general manager, Aaryn Flynn, is leaving the studio at the end of July, and Casey Hudson is returning to take this position. Compared to worrying about what will affect this game, it is more important for you to swtor buy credits and enjoy Manaan Stronghold and new ops bosses.  Aaryn Flynn will resign at the end of July Aaryn Flynn worked 17 years with BioWare since he was out of University....

  • Swtor Conquest Schedule 2017 & Bounty Hunter Companions

    Time: 07/17/17

    After Swtor 5.3 was released, you may care about the upcoming swtor conquest schedule. The conquest schedule in the next two months is as below. Besides, here will be an analysis of Swtor bounty hunter companions. Swtor gold is on sale now to help you get the favorite swtor companion! Swtor Conquest schedule 2017  The following is Swtor Conquest schedule from July to September, 2017:  July 18 – The Balance of Power...

  • Cheap Swtor Credits in Stock for East Coast Server Status Back

    Time: 07/15/17

    In the past 24 hours, players are suffering from Swtor East Coast server down. Keith Kanng and Eric Musco worked hard, and now all the East Coast servers go back. Now everyone can get access into the game and continue to decorate your Manaan stronghold with cheap swtor credits.  It’s available to queue on Swtor East Coast Servers It was almost 24 hours that Swtor East Coast servers cannot be queued in....

  • 2017 Summer Cool Deal: Up to $10 Coupons for Cheap Swtor Credits

    Time: 07/13/17

    Swtor Update 5.3, Sisters of Carnage, has arrived with Manaan Stronghold. To enjoy the new content and have fun this summer, we will have a cool deal with all customers. From July 19 to 27, everyone can save up to $10 cash coupons when buying cheap swtor credits. It is much like 12.5% discount at most!  When will Swtor2credits 2017 Summer Cool Deal be valid?  2017 Summer Cool Deal will last from...

  • Swtor 5.3 Goes Live with Manaan Stronghold & Random Companions Bug

    Time: 07/12/17

    The much-wanted Swtor 5.3, Sisters of Carnage, has been live. It introduces Manaan Stronghold, new Companion Customizations, Droids of Doom battle and more. Meanwhile, it comes with a bug. Random companions appear in Manaan Stronghold now and then. Anyway, it’s time to buy safe swtor credit and go for swtor 5.3.  What’s new in Swtor 5.3? 1. Face off the legendary super-weapons Aivela and Esne.  2. Build the team of eight or...

  • Gamorrean Guard Requires No Artifact Authorization in Swtor Update 5.3

    Time: 07/07/17

    As Swtor Manaan Stronghold price is unveiled, Bioware fixes eyes on pending bug fixes for Swtor Update 5.3. It features that Gamorrean Guard Companion doesn’t require Artifact Authorization for F2P and Preferred Status players.  For those who requires Artifact Authorization nBioware has confirmed that the Gamorrean Guard Companion from the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event no longer requires Artifact Authorization for F2P and Preferred Status players in the recent dev post.  As we...

  • Check Swtor Manaan Stronghold Price & Buy Swtor Credits to Get Ready

    Time: 07/06/17

    Swtor patch 5.3 is coming with Manaan Stronghold on July 11. Now Manaan Stronghold prices have been posted out as below. So far, it is uncertain whether the Conquest bonus of the Strongholds goes up in Swtor 5.3. But it’s time to buy swtor credits to get ready for Swtor Manaan Stronghold.  New stronghold in Swtor Patch 5.3 Manaan is the location of the new Stronghold in Swtor patch 5.3. Bioware has...

  • Upcoming Engineering and Saboteur Changes in Swtor 5.3 Update

    Time: 07/04/17

    Swtor 5.3 Update will be released next week. In the past weeks, Bioware aims to unveil the upcoming changes in 5.3, like changes for Pyrotech and Plasmatech. There is no exception this week. The upcoming changes for Engineering and Saboteur are below.  Changes to bring Engineering / Saboteur discipline down to its DPS target 1. To make them deal the appropriate amount of damage as intended, Cluster Bombs / Contingency Charges will...

  • Specials for Swtor 5.3: 10% Off & 5% Free Bonus for Swtor Credits

    Time: 07/01/17

    Swtor update 5.3 release date is set on July 11. This update will bring many contents into the game, including new Stronghold Manaan. To celebrate the coming of swtor 5.3, we will provide all players with 10% discount and extra 5% free credits bonus. Time for cheapest swtor credits now! When will 10% off and 5% free bonus be valid?  The special offers to celebrate Swtor Update 5.3 release will last from...

  • SWTOR Dread Warlord Pack Live Now & Swtor Patch 5.3 Goes July 11 with Manaan

    Time: 06/28/17

    Attention, please! Swtor Dread Warlord Pack has been released now. While rushing for the new pack items, you need to mark your calendar for Swtor Patch 5.3 will launch on July 11 with the new Stronghold – Manaan. Buy credits swtor fast to prepare for all these contents.  Swtor Dread Warlord Pack releases with some changes Since the last Cartel Market pack, Bioware adjusted the drops like that – new pack items...

  • Hot Summer, Cool Deal: Free 1000M Swtor Credits Given Away on July 5

    Time: 06/26/17

    It may be hot out, but we’re celebrating early with a very cool deal. On July 5, we will have total 1000M Swtor Credits given away on Swtor2credits. This activity will end until all free credits are sold out. Take time to learn more details about this activity.  When will free swtor credits be available to order?  1000M free swtor credits will be available to order at 03:00 AM on July 5,...

  • Changes for Pyrotech & Plasmatech Coming with Swtor Update 5.3

    Time: 06/22/17

    Bioware has unveiled the upcoming changes to Pyrotech and Plasmatech in Swtor Game Update 5.3. All the class changes are aimed to increase target DPS this time. You can read on for the details of the class changes. Besides, we have swtor credits for sale to get ready for Swtor Update 5.3.  Class changes to Pyrotech & Plasmatech respectively For Pyrotech: 1. Increase the Searing Wave damage bonus given by Superheated Flamethrower...

  • Fastest Way to Earn Credits in Swtor for Nightlife Gambling

    Time: 06/20/17

    To prepare for the new flashpoint “Crisis on Umbara” and meet the demand of in-game gamble, players always need to stock up tons of swtor credits in advance. Here, we compile some ways for newbies to farm swtor credits. Find the fastest way to earn credits in swtor for you!  1. Farming heroic missions. The Tython heroic cave is a reasonably good source of income though you are not level 70. A...

  • Swtor CM Item Embargo Coming June 27! Enjoy Yourself in 25% Off Now

    Time: 06/20/17

    This week, Swtor spring cleaning will go live on the Cartel Market. The selected items will be moved to the popular tab and marked 25% off since June 20. Each player should take the chance to buy those items for cheap swtor credits, because they will be embargoed on June 27.  Armor Exterminator’s Armor Set and Huttsbane Armor Set will be in the list.  Besides, the following 8 armor sets, including Investigator’s...

  • Study the Discussion of Swtor Bioware on Master Mode Operation Gear

    Time: 06/16/17

    After Galactic Command launched, Swtor has made great strides to change their game to be a supporting gearing system rather than a primary means of gearing your characters. At present, most players still want to focus on the drops currently coming from Master Mode Operations, so you can see more details as follow and find out cheap Swtor Credits on Swtor2credits.  Major types of Mode Operations 1. Story Mode Operations: Each boss...

  • 7%-10% Off Sale for Father's Day When Buying Swtor Credits

    Time: 06/15/17

    2017 Father's Day is just around the corner. As a high-integrity website, Swtor2credits will hold a great celebration for this festival, in which you can enjoy 7% - 9% off when buying Swtor Credits. More details about the great celebration are as follow:  When will this celebration be available?  Swtor2credits' celebration for Father's Day 2017 will last from June 16 to June 26, 2017.  How can I enjoy these discounts? Swtor2credits will...

  • Swtor2credits: A Reliable Site to Offer Safe Swtor Credits

    Time: 06/14/17

    It's a long-time journey that Swtor2credits have offered thoughtful shopping experience and considerate service for our customers. As a professional and responsible site, Swtor2credits is the ideal choice that anyone could enjoy the best service than ever before. We stick to offer safe Swtor credits for our customers with a circumspect service.  Competitive and sincere price for our customers  Swtor2credits has made many efforts to supply safe swtor credits at an ingenuous...

  • Equip Yourself with Cheap Swtor Credits on Swtor2credits

    Time: 06/12/17

    Currently, deals of Swtor players must make a great preparation to improve their skills and abilities through numerous Swtor Credits after the releasing of Swtor's new update. At the same time, most of them usually don't have enough time to accumulate wealth with arduous work in Swtor. Therefore, Swtor2credits is just an ideal place for anyone who intends to purchase cheap and secure Swtor Credits.  Competitive price for customers  We stick to...

  • Learn SWTOR Potential Class Changes for 5.3 This Summer

    Time: 06/09/17

    Bioware is listing a number of specs and classes that orientate for some balances in patch 5.3 coming this summer. Just as Keith mentioned in the roadmap, they want to start the process of having weekly discussion threads on the forums. Thus, the first topic is class changes starting with game update 5.3. At the same time, every Swtor player can buy cheap Swtor Credits from Swtor2credits to enjoy a better experience...

  • Special Offer of 5.2.2 SWTOR Update-500M Free SWTOR Credits

    Time: 06/09/17

    Swtor 5.2.2 has just been released, thus deals of players have begun to search for cheap and free Swtor Credits in order to make a good preparation of futures' battles. Therefore, Swtor2credits hold an activity of free Swtor Credits to reciprocate our customers on June 15. More details about this activity are as follow:  When will this special offer be available? Swtor2credits' special offer will be originated from 03:00 am.GMT on June...

  • Best Place to Buy Cheap Swtor Credits with Considerate Service

    Time: 06/06/17

    Today, there are numbers of sites-online selling Swtor products, and a responsible one with satisfied and efficient service usually affects players' choice to buy cheap Swtor credits. Therefore, Swtor2credits is your ideal choice that anyone could enjoy the best service than ever before. We stick to offer cheap and safe Swtor credits for our customers with a considerate service.  Adequate stock meets diverse demands As an eligible Swtor credits-seller, we deeply understand...

  • Buy Cheap Swtor Credits and Enjoy Swtor's Bug-Fixes

    Time: 06/03/17

    According to the new swtor producer Keith, we want to work on enhancing communication experience among players, and swtor will post a thread with a list of currently planned and confirmed bug fixes before the releasing of 5.2.2 update. Therefore, swtor2credits will continue offer cheap swtor credits for each player to have a better game experience.  The characteristics of swtor's bug-fixes  1. Players who defeat the Infernal Council in the Eternity Vault...

  • Perfect Place to Buy the Cheapest Swtor Credits on Swtor2credits

    Time: 06/03/17

    Based on the profound history background and competitive story plots, swtor has attracted numerous players and diehard fans for many years. However, if you really intend to enjoy a good time in the swtor, then swtor credits is indispensable. The Swtor2credits is a professional swtor credits-seller that each player could have a satisfying shopping experience on our site. The cheapest swtor credits for our customer Swtor2credits has made great efforts to offer...

  • Join in Galactic Defender Event Swtor for EA Play to Give

    Time: 06/02/17

    This weekend, in order to celebrate EA’s Play to Give program, there is Galactic Defender Event in Swtor waiting for you to join in. Please group up right now and get rewards with cheap Swtor Credits from Swtor2credits, which is the best place to buy Swtor Credits. What is the purpose of the EA’s Play to Give program? Games have been into our life deeper and deeper day by day, and EA’s...

  • Learn What’s Next from Swtor Roadmap 2017 Posted by Keith

    Time: 06/01/17

    Although Keith just announced he might delay delivering the Swtor Roadmap 2017, we can learn what’s next from the Roadmap delivered on the last day of May, in which we can see major improvements in the rest of the year and Summer of Swtor 2017 Game Updates. And it’s necessary to buy cheap Swtor Credits,  Deliver Operations continuously  As a fundamental change this year, Swtor will offer a new Boss encounter every...

  • Swtor Roadmap Delivered This Week & Two New Bundle Packs in CM

    Time: 05/31/17

    It’s unfortunate that the Swtor Roadmap will be delayed delivering according to the Game Producer - Keith. On the contrary there are two new bundle packs in the Cartel Market. What is more, do you need the cheapest Swtor Credits? You can find them on Swtor2credits. When can you see the Swtor Roadmap? Unfortunately the doubt about delivering the Swtor Roadmap in May has been confirmed, for Keith has committed to delay...

  • Explanation for Latest Maintenance & Swtor Update 5.2.2 on June 13

    Time: 05/25/17

    After Eric announced the time for the latest maintenance would be on May 25, this news has caused heated debate. And then Keith explained it in detail in time, at the same time we learned they would apply Swtor update 5.2.2 on June 13. When you need Swtor Credits cheap, you can rely on Swtor2credits. Why does the news about the Swtor maintenance attract so much attention? At first some players mentioned...

  • No Plan of Adding Tier to Galactic Command Swtor from Keith

    Time: 05/24/17

    Keith - Game Producer of Swtor recently replied a lot to the treads of Swtor players. And we just learned that they would not add Tier 5 to Swtor Galactic Command from Keith. And when buying Swtor Credits, don’t forget Swtor2credits. What is the specific content about the response from Keith? Besides the news about the new game update Swtor 5.2.2 from Keith, from whom we also have learned a lot of...