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Use this site for several times. I enjoy Swtor credit here

user Oct 16, 2017 - Cori

Always come here to buy swtor credit safe. They are quite reliable

user Oct 14, 2017 - Nash

I'm looking forward for free 500m Swtor credits giveaway. I'll surely snap up one!

user Oct 13, 2017 - Whitfield

Continuous promotions held here! It's very awesome to buy swtor credit cheap all the time

user Oct 12, 2017 - Jonathan

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  • Swtor Ulgo Siegebreaker Boss defeating Guide & Strategies

    Time: 10/16/17

    As one of the world bosses on Alderaan, Swtor Ulgo Siegebreaker is not so easy to defeat for some players. This guide collects some basic information of Swtor Ulgo Siegebreaker and provides the strategies to defeat the boss in the easier way. You can also buy Swtor credits from our site to make your character stronger for that. Basic information of boss Swtor Ulgo Siegebreaker Swtor Ulgo Siegebreaker is a level 35...

  • How to Fix Swtor Reorganizing Data Slow to Make it Quicker?

    Time: 10/13/17

    Many players have met the issue that Swtor reorganizing data is very slow. We find the most efficient solution with Bitraider deleting to fix Swtor reorganizing data slow issue, and you can also try other ways we have listed. If there is a need for Swtor credits, we always serve you the best. Real solutions to Swtor reorganizing data slow issue A temporary solution is to just open task manager and close...

  • Enjoy Free 500M Swtor Credits to Celebrate Swtor Update 5.5

    Time: 10/10/17

    Swtor 5.5 patch releasing today must be the biggest news recently. To celebrate Swtor Update 5.5, Swtor2credits will give away totally 500M free Swtor credits on Oct 18. You have big chance to get credits without money, so pay attention to the details and never miss our activity! When can you snap up free Swtor credits in the activity? Swtor Update 5.5 Release Celebration will start at 03:00 am. GMT on October...

  • Learn Swtor 5.5 Patch Notes to Get Ready for Update 5.5

    Time: 10/09/17

    We are all excited about Swtor 5.5 coming tomorrow! Bioware has announced the details of Swtor servers offline for the update and Swtor 5.5 patch notes of flashpoints & missions as well. You can read the information below and buy Swtor credits to get ready for it! Swtor servers offline is coming for Swtor 5.5 Swtor servers offline will be taken on Tuesday in order to apply Swtor Update 5.5. The Swtor...

  • Guide: Choose Swtor Classes to Start Your Swtor Journey

    Time: 10/06/17

    As Swtor 5.5 is coming, there are still new players joining in the game every day. If you are Swtor beginners, “What class should I choose?” may be the first question, and this guide will help you to know more about Swtor classes and choose the one you like. What must you know about Swtor classes? There are eight playable classes currently available in Swtor: Galactic Republic - Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular,...

  • How to Choose a Reliable Swtor Gold Shop for Swtor Patch 5.5?

    Time: 10/03/17

    Have you make full preparation as Swtor patch 5.5 is coming soon? Maybe you are unclear about which site is the right place to purchase, or you worry about the account security. How to choose a reliable online shop to buy safe Swtor credits? Swtor2credits will be your answer. Choose a site that never uses bots for Swtor gold Swtor2credits is a safe and secure site. All swtor credits for sale at...

  • Buy Credits Swtor for Swtor Roadmap Autumn Coming Oct 2

    Time: 09/30/17

    Swtor community has updated the Swtor Roadmap Autumn release which will come on Oct 2. Although there is no more information about the roadmap, players are all looking forward to the update. Swtor patch 5.5 will also arrive next month, so it’s the right time to buy credits Swtor for preparation. Swtor Roadmap Autumn will be released next Monday It has been announced by Swtor producer Keith that Swtor Autumn Roadmap will...

  • Swtor Patch 5.5: Deception Assassin/Infiltration Shadow Changes

    Time: 09/26/17

    Swtor community has announced the class changes for Deception Assassin and Infiltration Shadow in Swtor patch 5.5 to bring the DPS down to target levels. You can read the planned changes below and get ready for Swtor Update 5.5 with safe Swtor credits for sale. Class changes for Deception & Infiltration in Swtor patch 5.5 Assassin Deception Reduced the damage done by Ball Lightning by 5.15% Amped Voltage no longer increases the...

  • Up to $10 Coupons for Swtor Credits - October Jolly Promo

    Time: 09/25/17

    As Swtor patch 5.5 is coming in October, Swtor2credits have October Jolly Promo to offer you up to $10 cash coupons for cheap Swtor credits! From Oct 1, you can use corresponding coupon code when you buy Swtor credits over the certain sum. Enjoy the amazing promo! When will Swtor2credits October Jolly Promo begin and end? October Jolly Promo will begin on October 1 and end on October 8, 2017. What benefits...

  • Swtor 5.5 Class Changes: Vengeance Juggernaut/Vigilance Guardian

    Time: 09/21/17

    Swtor Community manager Eric Musco just updated the community about the upcoming class changes for Vengeance Juggernaut/Vigilance Guardian in Swtor patch 5.5, while some damage will be reduced but some increased. The reasons for these changes are also given. Class changes for Juggernaut & Guardian in Swtor 5.5 Juggernaut The damage done by Chilling Scream due to the Piercing Chill utility has been reduced by 60%. Vengeance Increased the bleed damage bonus...

  • How to Buy Imperial Trooper Armor with Cheap Swtor Credits?

    Time: 09/18/17

    Some players wish to get Swtor imperial trooper armor and ask how to buy it. It is said that the imperial trooper armor is specific to the collector’s edition, and we also find the similar ones for you. If you want more Swtor credits for the armors, just come to Swtor2credits and enjoy the best prices! Is there a way to buy Swtor imperial trooper armor? Swtor made the real imperial trooper...

  • Swtor Update 5.5 Arriving Oct 10 & Upcoming Conquest Schedule

    Time: 09/14/17

    SWTOR is dropping Swtor Update 5.5 on October 10 with some contents shuffled into Swtor 5.6. Now we can see the upcoming conquest schedule and wait for more details of Swtor Update 5.5 which will be announced later. You can also choose to stock more cheap Swtor credits for Swtor 5.5 on Swtor2credits. Swtor Update 5.5 is planned on October 10 Swtor Update 5.5 was planned to put out in late September,...

  • White Color Crystal & K1-Z3n in Swtor Cartel Market Sep 12

    Time: 09/13/17

    There are changes and new item in Swtor Cartel Market from September 12 to Sep 19, including new items white color crystal and K1-Z3n Assault Droid. Players need to use Cartel Coins to purchase, and you can learn how to get more Cartel Coins from our previous news. What are the changes in Swtor Cartel Market Sep 12? New Items Droid Companion: K1 Z3n — 2100 CC Advanced White Hawkeye Crystal —...

  • September Special Promo: Swtor Credits 9% Off from Sep 19!

    Time: 09/12/17

    Swtor2credits is the place where you can buy Swtor credits with greatest promotions. Therefore, this month we have September Special Promo for you: 9% discount for all Swtor credits on our site from September 19! When can you join in the September Special Promo? You can enjoy the September Special Promo from September 19 to September 29, 2017 when you buy Swtor credits from our site. How to join in the September...

  • Swtor Captcha Bug Remains & Enjoy 10% Off for Swtor Credits

    Time: 09/11/17

    Some players have met the trouble to sign up when they want to register a new account. They are told the captcha value couldn’t be validated. Now the Swtor captcha bug still exists, but you can still enjoy the game and 10% off for Swtor credits every Wednesday if you are old players. Swtor captcha bug still need to be fixed There is an issue with the captcha that is preventing new...

  • Swtor2credsits: Buy Credits Swtor with Greatest Promotions

    Time: 09/09/17

    Everyone loves discounts and promotions, and we believe you never want to miss the great promotions to buy credits Swtor! Come to Swtor2credits to get what you want, including discounts, extra bonuses and reward points that can be used as cash.  Buy credits Swtor with 10% discount every Wednesday Our major goal is to provide our customers cheap Swtor credits at the most reasonable price. We pay close attention to market and...

  • Swtor 5.5: Double XP/CXP Event Back & Daily Area Fixed

    Time: 09/08/17

    It has been announced that Swtor will be bringing back double XP/CXP event in Swtor 5.5 patch and allowing the daily area CXP to stay until 5.5 as well. Though Swtor Update 5.5 release date has not been published, see the detailed information below and buy swtor credits for preparation. Double XP/CXP event will return with Swtor 5.5 Swtor Double XP/CXP event has started on August 29 and ended on September 5....

  • SWTOR Cartel Market Changes & Guide for More Cartel Coins

    Time: 09/06/17

    There are changes and new item in Swtor Cartel Market from September 5 to September 12, including a new gear bundle: Skilled Hunter Bundle! Look at the price change and new gear bundle to consider if there is anything you want. What are the changes in Swtor Cartel Market Sep 5? New Item - Skilled Hunter Bundle: 2695 Cartel Coins New Price Change Woodland Mewvorr: 120 CC (-50%) Appearance Option Pigtails: 50...

  • Who is Swtor Best Companion? Buy with Cheap Swtor Gold!

    Time: 09/05/17

    Some new players may be unclear about who is Swtor best companion in the game. There is a guide for you to see the features of some companions to help you enjoy your adventure better, and don’t forget to participate in Swtor2credits September Gifts for 2x reward points! Guide for Swtor best companion in patch 5.4 DPS: Shae Vizla is the highest DPS companion in the game right now, parsing 6350+ on...

  • SWTOR Buy Credits from Swtor2credits to Save Your Time!

    Time: 09/04/17

    Obtaining currency is quite critical in Swtor game. Instead of spending a lot of time farming for Swtor credits, you have a better choice: to buy them from Swtor2credits. In Swtor buy credits from our site can surely save your valuable time due to simple shopping process, convenient payment and fast delivery. Easy and fast to make an order for Swtor credits Intend to buy swtor credits on Swtor2credits? You could make...

  • Swtor 5.4 Bugs & Reasons for Prolonged Swtor Servers Offline

    Time: 09/01/17

    Swtor servers offline was taken for long time on August 31. In Swtor maintenance that were planned, CXP dailies and Umbara Stronghold exploit were two main issues which need to be fixed, and now Bioware has explained for prolonged Swtor serves offline this time. CXP dailies & Umbara Stronghold Exploit in Swtor maintenance In Swtor maintenance on August 31, two important issues were planned to fix including bugged CXP dailies and Umbara...

  • Swtor2credits September Gifts: 2x Reward Points for Members

    Time: 08/31/17

    Swtor2credits September gifts are coming! To show our deep gratitude, we will offer 2x reward points to our valued members from Sep 7. All reward points can be used as cash when you buy swtor credits on Swtor2credits. When will this activity begin and end? Swtor2credits September Gifts will begin on Sep 7 and end on Sep 14, 2017. How to get and use double reward points on Swtor2credits? If you have registered with...

  • Swtor Login Recovered & Buy Credits Swtor Always Available

    Time: 08/30/17

    Yesterday there were Swtor login issues that caused players couldn’t log in. Now Swtor has posted an update on twitter saying that logins are once again available, so you can check the Swtor server status and buy credits swtor from Swtor2credits as your best choice. Issues of Swtor login unavailable have been solved Many players found they were unable to log in yesterday. Swtor posted on twitter saying that they were looking...

  • In-game Events: SWTOR Double XP & CXP Week from Aug 29

    Time: 08/29/17

    Here comes a SWTOR double XP and CXP week! There are several September in-game events from Aug 29, including a double rewards event to enjoy 2x XP & CXP. Please pay attention to the information below of each event and enjoy Swtor double XP with cheap swtor credits from Swtor2credits.   Swtor Double XP and CXP Rewards Event Time: August 29 – September 5, 5AM PST/12AM GMT Level: All Levels up to...

  • Dark Embrace 15% DR & Connection Bugs in Swtor Patch 5.4

    Time: 08/28/17

    As Swtor patch 5.4 has been released for several days, you could learn the guide of Swtor Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint entrance and rewards if you need. However, some bugs about Dark Embrace and connection issue on Vista have been found by players, so it’s a good choice to wait for bug fix with cheap swtor credits. Deception Dark Embrace 15% DR doesn’t work since Swtor 5.4 Some players felt their survivability...

  • Choose a Right Place to Buy Credits Swtor with High Security

    Time: 08/26/17

    Many SWTOR players must care about their account and personal information safety when they buy credits swtor online. On Swtor2credits, you will never have the trouble to be banned. We provide hand-made swtor credits with safe and fast delivery, and use some strong security procedures to protect your personal information. 100% Hand-made swtor credits to ensure account safety Without any bots or other illegal programs, all swtor credits for sale at our...

  • Guide: SWTOR Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint Entrance & Rewards

    Time: 08/25/17

    Have you been enjoying Swtor 5.4 Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint? You need to complete the storyline, unlock the terminal and then choose the appropriate difficulty mode for yourself. Get the Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint rewards and don’t forget to snap up cheap swtor credits for only $5.4 on Aug 28 from Swtor2credits. How to start the Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint? The entrance to this flashpoint is on Odessen and there is a...

  • Learn Swtor 5.4 Patch Notes & Buy Swtor Credits with Privileges

    Time: 08/24/17

    Swtor 5.4 patch notes have been released, and you may need more swtor credits to enjoy the new update. Why not register with Swtor2credits and enjoy best member privileges to buy swtor credits? Being our member, you will be able to track and review your orders and enjoy the reward points and great special offers. Track your order of swtor credits for sale After becoming a member of Swtor2credits, you will be...

  • Buy Swtor Credits and Wait for Delayed SWTOR Patch 5.4

    Time: 08/23/17

    Due to the longer time to test in Crisis on Umbara, Swtor patch 5.4 is delayed by an additional 24 hours to Thursday. During this period to wait for the update, the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event will remain active, so you can still participate in the event and buy swtor credits from Swtor2credits with fastest delivery. When will the Swtor patch 5.4 start to update? The 5.4 update will start on Thursday,...

  • SWTOR 5.4 Patch Notes & Maintenance Delay

    Time: 08/22/17

    Bioware has announced that the launch of Swtor Update 5.4 will be delayed by 24 hours due to a critical bug. Swtor Crisis on Umbara’s maintenance will be on Wednesday, 8/23 at the same time as the originally planned maintenance (5AM – 9AM PDT). And Swtor 5.4 patch notes have been available now. Details of Swtor Update 5.4 maintenance delay Date: 23 August 2017 Time: 5:00AM - 9:00AM PDT (1200 - 1600...