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Back to Swtor Low Level Flashpoints with Cheap Swtor Credits Or Not

Time: 02/14/15

Few days ago, BioWare has announced that two level 60 Hard Mode Flashpoints are available in Swtor. But only four days later, some people claimed that the current flash points are a bit boring, and the rewards are not worth the time. Why could they say that?


Differences in bonus bosses


In the current level 60 flashpoints, some of the bonus bosses are tricky, but once you learn the mechanics, it is a piece of cake. Differently, in the old low level Flashpoints, there were some impressive challenges, like Lost Island, which was harder than other FPs, but amazing. Do you remember that it was the only place you could get the Rakata Chest piece? At that moment, people complained how hard something is, but most feel pity for it after it was nerfed. In those days, there were no level 60 versions to be upped, but people still would like to put cheap swtor credits us into these challenges.


Differences in rewards

The old Flashpoints could still drop say 192 left side pieces or maybe bracers and belt set pieces and have some really cool extremely rare decorations, especially in Lost Island, which dropped better gear and some cool vanities. It should be a lost to nerf it for Swtor.

However, the rewards from Level 60 Hard Mode Flashpoints are not worth in time, some players claimed. You run your first SM OPS and suddenly realize HM FPs offer little other than Ultimate Comms in weekly. Sure, there are decorations and Walker drops, but this is another area that lacks major incentive for players to risk GF queues. Besides, the daily GF rewards need to be increased to a low QTY of Ultimate Comms. Be 4 or 10, it needs to have something that gets a 192 set bonus tank working on 198s to get in Queue. Or HM FPs are useless.


Do you agree with the above opinions from players? You can try it by yourself with cheap credits on swtor for sale.


The Swtor2credits Team 

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