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Home / Swtor2credits news / Buy Cheapest Swtor Credits to Claim Secret In-Game Pets

Buy Cheapest Swtor Credits to Claim Secret In-Game Pets

Time: 01/29/15

As loyal fans of SWTOR, how many in game pets do you have? Currently, someone listed some so-called secret swtor pets, like Scarab Underwalker and CZ-W4 Observer. Let’s check what you have got and how to farm the other secret swtor pets. 

1. Orokeet & Orosquab

secret pet 1 in swtor

At first, you should head to this area of the Dune Sea on the very west end of Tatooine, gather refreshing water and place a large egg under a solar panel in the desert. Once the egg is incubated, you will get a pet.


2. Taunlet

Travel across the icy tundras of Hoth to lure out a small Taun friend from a crevasse using a tasty treat and a non-violent trapping device. To speed up the quest, you can buy Ice Scrabbler Jerky from the GTN for less 10K swtor credits cheap and NVSCSS with from Lain-Ricie on Alderaan for 5k credits to help you.


3. CZ-W4 Observer

secret pet 2 in swtor

Whip out your macrobinoculars on CZ-198 to find hidden datapads and read about some of the politics on this corporate planet. At the end, get a droid pet!


4. Scarab Underwalker

A guaranteed drop from a rare-spawning NPC called Revanite Captain on Yavin IV in the training grounds. Normally Commandant Jenarian takes his place and drops nothing.


5. MCR-100 Miniprobe 

A very, very long quest chain that spans the entire galaxy with macrobinoculars and droid scanning will eventually lead you to this rare achievement and pet.


6. Taunling

It’s a rare drop from Gargath, one of Hoth's world bosses. The boss will be focused on one person only and he drops aoe attacks. You need to avoid those and heal. That is it.


7. Force Hound + Stoneray

These two pets are drops from Flashpoint: Battle of Rishi and Flashpoint: Blood Hunt respectively. So be careful.


8. Little SandCrawler + Interrogation Droid 

These little droids require some tuning - the sandcrawler requires Light III, and the Interrogation Droid requires Dark III. Purchased from the light/dark vendors on the fleet for 25k cheap Swtor credits each.


9. The Czerka Eye

secret pet 3 in swtor

This sharp little friend requires Social VII and can be bought from social vendors on Belsavis and Hoth, in the landing base.


10. Mewvorrs

Four glowing mewvorrs: Aquatic Mewvorr from the last boss of Manaan Flashpoint, Goldplate and Heartglow Mewvorr from bosses in Korriban Incursion/Attack on Tython, and Prismatic Mewvorr from Last boss of Rakata Prime FP)


11. Lawgriffarl + Lobelisk

These rare pets have a chance to drop from the worldboss Lucky on Corellia, but also are purchasable from the PvP vendor.


For the above secret pets, how many have you got? Some of them now can be purchasable with cheap swtor credits. From Feb 4 to Feb 14, 2015, you can use special cash vouchers to  buy credits at Swtor2credits and save money.


The Swtor2credits Team 

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