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Always come here to buy swtor credit safe. They are quite reliable

user Oct 14, 2017 - Nash

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user Oct 13, 2017 - Whitfield

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user Oct 12, 2017 - Jonathan

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Buy Credits Swtor, View Game Update 2.2: Archon’s Contraband Pack!

Time: 06/13/13

BioWare updated the official SWTOR website, treated us with a preview of page featuring the newest items coming to the Cartel Market via the Archon's Contraband Pack featuring usual mounts, equipment and weapons! Buy swtor credits on swtor2credits now, get ready for the Swtor Game Update 2.2 and get enjoyed in using the fantastic new items, weapons and new features!

Game Update 2.2: Archon’s Contraband Pack

Earlier via the official Swtor website, BioWare updated a page with the newest items coming to the Cartel Market, under the name of Archon’s Contraband Pack with the usual mounts, equipment and weapons! This pack also introduce us a new interesting item, Encrypted Datacubes. The initial four will be obtainable via this pack, with the last four premiering in the Supreme Mogul's Contraband Pack at a later date. For those who are able to collect all of them, there is a "special reward" waiting for you! To Start, don’t forget to buy cheap swtor credits on swtor2credits! Good luck to all of you!

This new pack also gets new dye modules that are only exclusive to the pack itself! Besides, there are also Grade 9 Crafting Materials and reusable Jawagrams! If you like to get more details and information, simply refer to the Swtor official site! And if you are seeking more credits for game enjoy, cheapest swtor credits with fast delivery is always offered on swtor2credits!

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The Swtor2credits Team

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