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Always use this site to buy swtor credits.

user Jun 2, 2020 - James

Buy swtor credits here with the amazing service and the delivery is really fast.

user May 25, 2020 - Terrelle

Safe, reliable and fast

user May 22, 2020 - Wolfe

very quick and easy service. Always reliable

user May 11, 2020 - Fallon

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Buy Swtor Credits with Paypal No Confirmation Any More at Swtor2credits

Time: 02/23/14

Good news, everybody! From Match lst  on, you will be free to buy swtor credits at swtor2credits with paypal in only 4 steps! Yes! We have simplified the process of Paypal payment on swtor2credits. There will be no more email confirmation and phone confirmation any more, and you are able to receive your credits even faster than ever before!  

Step 1: Place your order

place swtor order at swtor2credits

This step is the same as it was before. You choose the goods you need and place your order as usual. If you have an exclusive discount code, then you apply it to enjoy more benefits. If not, you can directly proceed to checkout.

Step 2: Checkout by paypal

checkout with PayPal

Before checkout time, there are some information you need to fill in. You must take notice that the Email Address and your Character Name are the most important information in the trading. Therefore, make sure that these two are 100% correct and clear.


1. Make sure Email Address is 100% correct. This is the only way we can find you when something occasional occurs.

2. Make sure Character Name is 100% correct. That’s the only identity we admit when we deliver your swtor credits in-game.

payment method


Once you fill in the information, you choose PayPal as your payment, and then click "Place Order Now". Your order will be successfully placed on our site.

Step 3: Contact 24/7 Live Chat service

Why is this step necessary? We have three reasons and wish you can really feel secure and personalized when you buy swtor products from us by Paypal.

 1. Check the order just before the delivery. If the products you choose are listed fully and 100% correctly as well as are in store, you please ask the Reps to deliver them immediately.

2. Recheck the order ID place to make sure your Character Name is correct so that the products are sent to the right place.

3. Make sure you have choose the right credits for swtor since there are two different server lines of EU and US and two groups of Republic and Empire at our website.

24/7 Live Chat

Step 4: Finish trading in game

After the simplification of paypal on swtor2credits, now you don't need wait for email/phone confirmation any more. The trade will be finished in-game and what you need to do next is to simply log in your game and wait for our delivery of your swtor credits there.

 Amazing trading process, isn’t it? Paying by Paypal, you can buy swtor credits much quicker on swtor2credits than before. Meanwhile, we are committed to provide you with the most effective transaction and the best service as always. What’s more, we guarantee that our swtor credits are still the cheapest and safest at the same time while security is certified at our site. All in all, enjoy the Paypal when you buy swtor credits at swtor2credits. 

link: http://www.swtor2credits.com

 The Swtor2credits Team

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