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Home / Swtor2credits news / Changes to Cartel Bazaar Vendors Reputation in Swtor 5.9.2

Changes to Cartel Bazaar Vendors Reputation in Swtor 5.9.2

Time: 07/18/18

Bioware has announced that they will change the way the reputation vendors in the Cartel Bazaar function with upcoming Swtor 5.9.2. All existing Cartel Market Reputations will be combined into one, Swtor Underworld Exchange, and you could read details below and buy Swtor credit from us.

Cartel Market Reputations to Underworld Exchange

In Swtor 5.9.2, all Cartel Market Reputations will now be combined into a single CM Rep, the Underworld Exchange. All progress you have from existing CM reps will be added together. Ex: If you are Legend right now in any CM rep, you will be a Legend in Underworld Exchange. If you are Champion in two of the reps, those values will be combined and could even rank you up.
In addition, any items which previously granted rep for a CM rep will grant Swtor Underworld Exchange rep instead.

How to earn Underworld Exchange Reputation?

Reputation tokens will be a guaranteed drop from Ultimate Cartel Packs unless you are at Legend status. Cartel Market Certificates are being added into the pack as a rare drop.

Legacy Titles & Gear with Underworld Exchange

Any titles you have earned you will keep, and those titles will no longer be possible to earn. Gear that you have will check against the new rep (which you will meet or exceed the requirement). The team may consider options for reintroducing those titles in the future, but there are no plans at this time.

You can also learn our preview of Swtor Rishi Hideout Stronghold coming with Update 5.9.2. Moreover, always come to Swtor2credits for Swtor credits and enjoy the convenience!

The Swtor2credits Team

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