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Home / Swtor2credits news / Enjoy Swtor Rakghoul Event Corellia 2020 for Featured Rewards

Enjoy Swtor Rakghoul Event Corellia 2020 for Featured Rewards

Time: 06/03/20

Swtor Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia has been active this month. Read the details below to learn how to participated in this Swtor Rakghoul event.

Swtor Rakghoul event on Corellia in June

Swtor Rakghoul event, Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia is now active and runs until June 9th, 2020. During this event, players need to head out to Corellia and talk to Doctor Ressel (Empire) in Incorporation Island or Tralie Masoon (Republic) in Blastfield Shipyards. Then they can travel to the location of The Spike, a giant drill and access the Rakghoul tunnels. Players will be given the codex entry for it when walking near The Spike.
During Swtor Rakghoul event you need to fight against the World Boss – Toxxun. Located in the SE corner of Axial Park, Swtor Toxxun was a massive Narvaxx that was infected with the rakghoul plague. You can read our Swtor Toxxun guide if you want to learn some useful tips when fighting against it.

Featured rewards for Swtor Rakghoul event

The following rewards can be obtained in Rakghoul Resurgence Corellia event:
Reputation with THORN
Merciless Seeker’s Armor Set
THORN Epicenter and Dark Vector Armor Sets
Outbreak Response Weapons
Alliance Contact - Doctor Lokin
Infected Varactyl and Infected Dewback Mounts
Ferocious Rakghoul Mini-pets

Participate in Swtor Rakghoul event for these rewards! Moreover, you could buy Swtor credits from professional Swtor2credits.com.

The Swtor2credits Team

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