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Best seller of swtor credits. Always safe and fast so I have been here for months.

user Dec 17, 2018 - Kip

NO.1 site in my eyes to buy swtor gold. Always fast and legit

user Dec 11, 2018 - Malakai

Excellent service. I got my credits in ten minutes - it's so fast and I will come back.

user Dec 7, 2018 - Barnes

Great company offering safe credits for swtor. I received clear instructions and got what I paid for. Thank you.

user Nov 30, 2018 - Oswald

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Extra 10% Credits Bonus For Stronghold and New Conquest Events

Time: 09/01/14

You win! Since many of you have asked us to make our 10% free bonus much longer due to a huge consumption for customizing Stronghold, now swtor2credits informs you all that we have compromised! You win and can still enjoy extra 10% free credits bonus over 5000K swtor credits. The final deadline has not been decided yet, but you better buy cheapest swtor credits quicker!

extra 10% swtor credits bonus 

Extra 10% swtor credits bonus for customizing Stronghold.

In order to celebrate the launch of Galactic Strongholds Early Access, swtor2credits offers you all an extra 10% free bonus when you buy swtor credits over 5000K. At the very beginning, we set up the deadline to Aug.31,2014. However, a great large number of players asked us to make the promo much longer. They need more swtor credits to customize their Stronghold. Though the figure is much beyond their previous expectation, they prefer to have their “own home” in swtor.

As this famous proverb goes: “God help those who help themselves”. We promised to help you all in need, now we keep our words once again. You better seize your last chance and get enough swtor credits for your Stronghold.

Get cheapest swtor credits for the newly changed Conquest Events.

With the release of 2.9c, new change has been made to the Conquest Objectives for much balanced Objectives. Before this change, some events will lean more heavily toward specific activities, and others will be more generalized. The aim of this change is to provide a set of high point value, non-repeatable Objectives that focus on some specific goals while giving high-repeatable activities meaning in the war. Therefore, why not get cheapest swtor credits to experience the newly changed Conquest Events right now??

The release of the new Rakata Prime Flashpoint will be on Sept. 9th.

In addition, our extra 10% bonus will also support players to discover the mysteries of Rakata Prime- an unknown world. You can get ready for the epic finale to the “Forged Alliance” storyline ahead the new Rakata Prime Flashpoint on September 9th, 2014. We sincerely wish you can discover secrets of Rakata Prime and lead an assault past Rakata savages to the Temple of the Ancients and explore truth behind the powerful Star Forge. Buy swtor credits over 5000K to enjoy extra 10% bonus right now!
The swtor2credits Team

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