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Home / Swtor2credits news / Guide: Choose Swtor Classes to Start Your Swtor Journey

Guide: Choose Swtor Classes to Start Your Swtor Journey

Time: 10/06/17

As Swtor 5.5 is coming, there are still new players joining in the game every day. If you are Swtor beginners, “What class should I choose?” may be the first question, and this guide will help you to know more about Swtor classes and choose the one you like.

What must you know about Swtor classes?

There are eight playable classes currently available in Swtor:
Galactic Republic - Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Trooper, Smuggler
Sith Empire - Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent, Bounty Hunter
Each class has their own personal healing, and each one can do damage. Their specific tanking and healing roles come from choosing advanced classes or specializations, which are basically talent trees. You can choose your advanced class at level 10, and it can be changed later on.

Choose a Swtor class depending on its features

First you need to select your faction, the Republic or the Empire. Then there are four classes in each faction.
Republic Classes
Jedi Knight: one of the Force-sensitive classes. If you enjoy melee combat or being the player who is the primary damage absorbing class in a group (called ‘tanking’), you can choose this class. 
Jedi Consular: the other Force-sensitive class. If you like to use a lot of Force powers, utilize stealth, or specialize in healing, this is the class you’ll want to pick. 
Trooper: front-line fighters. For those who enjoy heavy ranged weapons for tanking or doing damage, this is a great class. All Troopers wear heavy armor and train in blaster rifles. 
Smuggler: made for people who prefer ranged DPS or the option to use stealth and healing. All Smugglers have to stay mobile in a gunfight, so they use medium armor.
Empire Classes
Sith Warrior: a terrific mix of a tanking lightsaber fighter who also has the benefit of some Force powers. It is ideal for those who enjoy the melee tank or DPS roles.
Sith Inquisitor: uses lightsabers but focuses more on Dark side Force powers to damage enemies and heal allies. If you love Force powers, you may choose this one.
Imperial Agent: part of the Intelligence arm of the Empire. They can do a lot of ranged damage with their rifles. Agents need good protection and flexibility, so they use medium armor.
Bounty Hunter: an excellent choice for anyone who loves dealing damage or tanking with ranged heavy weapons. All Bounty Hunters wear heavy armor for top defense.

Now you can choose one from Swtor classes, and in Swtor 5.5, there will be more attractive features for you to enjoy. In addition, you may need more cheap Swtor credits to make your character stronger. Then come to Swtor2credits.com!

The Swtor2credits Team

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