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everything is good here. i love this site

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Very fast to buy credits. I'm satisfied

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Very convenient. Fast delivery and nice service for SWTOR credits buying.

user Aug 31, 2020 - Dashiell

I feel it's the most convenient site for swtor gold buying!

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Home / Swtor2credits news / Guide for Swtor Bounty Contract Week 2020 with Featured Rewards

Guide for Swtor Bounty Contract Week 2020 with Featured Rewards

Time: 08/07/20

Swtor Bounty Contract Week event will be active from Aug. 11th. If you want to join in this event, read our guide to learn some detailed information.

When to join in Swtor Bounty Contract Week?

Swtor Bounty Contract Week event runs from August 11th to August 18th, 2020 (begins and ends at 11:00AM PDT/6:00PM GMT). The level requirement is 15+.
To get started in this Bounty Contract Week event, you need to find Captured Bounties at key intersections between different sub-areas of the fleet, and head to the Cartel Bazaar area of the Fleet. During this event, you will sign up for one standard Henchman contract and one high profile Kingpin Contract each day. Each contract may take you to a separate planet. After completing 5 standard contracts, Kingpin missions will be unlocked with bigger loot.

Rewards from Swtor Bounty Contract Week 2020

During the Bounty Contract Week 2020 event, you will have a chance to obtain the following featured rewards:
Reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association
Bounty Tracker’s Armor Set and Contract Hunter’s Armor Set
Assassin’s Bowcaster and Elite Tracker’s Bowcaster weapons
Lobelot, Swamp Kell Drake, and Drink Server Probe Mini-pets
BH-7X Custom Hunter Mount

Hope you could get what you want from Swtor Bounty Contract Week 2020. If you want to buy Swtor credit, you could come here and enjoy the most convenience.

The Swtor2credits Team

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