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Home / Swtor2credits news / Guide for Swtor Feast of Prosperity Event Coming on Oct. 20th

Guide for Swtor Feast of Prosperity Event Coming on Oct. 20th

Time: 10/15/20

The Feast of Prosperity event will run from Oct. 20th to Nov. 10th, 2020. Here is our Swtor Feast of Prosperity guide to help you join in this event.

How to start Swtor Feast of Prosperity?

To start Swtor Feast of Prosperity Event, first find the Festival Crier character on the Fleet, who will be locate near the northern elevator (on the Republic fleet) and near the southern elevator (on the Imperial Fleet).
After watching the introductory cutscene, you can fly to Nar Shaddaa with your ship. You can also click the button of three little people near your minimap to open the Activity window, and then go to the solo tab and pick up the Nar Shaddaa heroics to be teleported to Nar Shaddaa. Then you can head to the Upper Promenade. There will be a quest marker in the northern part of the Upper Promenade. You could talk to both hutts for more event information, and get a fun item called Single Use Food Launcher.

Quests in Swtor Feast of Prosperity event

In this event there are serving quests, cooking quests, gathering quests and world boss quests. To get all the quests easily, you could pick up these quests in the Feast of Prosperity event area. The World Boss mission will show up when you pick up the prep work quest first. In addition, you can only have one Cantina Rush quest at a time and one Cooking quest at a time.

Featured rewards for Feast of Prosperity

There is a chance to obtain the following rewards from the Feast of Prosperity event:
Feast Attire and Feast Preparation Hat
Feast Ingredient Transport Mount
Hairless Mudhorn and Earthen Thurrb Mini-pets
Feel the Groove and Toast emotes
Overstuffed Backpack and Food Launcher Toys
Various Feast-inspired Stronghold Decorations

Hope our Swtor Feast of Prosperity guide can help you participate in this event. If you want cheap Swtor credits, simply come to our site and get them fast.

The Swtor2credits Team

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