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Home / Swtor2credits news / Guide for Swtor Imperial Agent Companions with Characteristics

Guide for Swtor Imperial Agent Companions with Characteristics

Time: 06/11/18

The Imperial Agent is one of the four Empire-aligned classes and one of two non-Force users in this faction, with some companions available to this class. Here we will talk about the locations and characteristics of these Swtor Imperial Agent companions.

Where to acquire Swtor Imperial Agent companions?

You are able to gain the following Swtor Imperial Agent companions on different planets:
Kaliyo Djannis – acquired on Hutta
2V-R8 – acquired on Dromund Kaas
Vector Hyllis – acquired on Alderaan
Doctor Lokin – acquired on Taris
Raina Temple – acquired on Hoth
Scorpio – acquired on Belsavis

Basic guide for each Imperial Agent companion

1. Kaliyo Djannis
Kaliyo is your first companion and fills the role of Ranged Tank. Kaliyo is one of the romance options for the male Imperial Agent and best for those with a dark slant.
2. 2V-R8
2V-R8 appears as the standard droid chassis for the Empire. Unless you plan on buying the legacy sensor units and send him on specific crew skill runs it’s likely not worth it to max out his affection.
3. Vector Hyllis
Vector Hyllis is the Imperial Agent's intelligence contact on Alderaan. He fills the role of Melee DPS and is recruited on Alderaan when you’re about level 32. Vector is the single romance option for the female Imperial Agent.
4. Doctor Lokin
Lokin is a unique companion in that he can fill either the role of Ranged Healer or the role of Melee DPS through his transformation, but most find him most useful as a healer. He is recruited after finishing class quests on Taris.
5. Raina Temple
Ensign Temple fills the role of Ranged DPS and is recruited at the end of your Hoth missions at around level 41. Temple is the second romance option for the male Imperial Agent with a light side slant.
6. Scorpio
Scorpio is your final companion and fills the role of Melee Tank, who is an ancient defense droid created to protect a vault within the Belsavis prison compound. You pick up Scorpio on the planet Belsavis at around level 44.

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The Swtor2credits Team

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