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Home / Swtor2credits news / Guide: Why & How to Get Swtor Treek Companion in Game?

Guide: Why & How to Get Swtor Treek Companion in Game?

Time: 12/06/18

Treek, the female Ewok companion from Endor, can be useful no matter which of the Swtor classes you are. You may wonder if Swtor Treek is worth purchasing and how to get this companion, and here you will find the answer.

Is it worth purchasing Swtor Treek companion?

Treek is an Ewok companion available to all classes for both allegiances. You may want to get her if you like Ewoks; in addition, it is a good choice to purchase Treek if you are planning on leveling a lot of alts or planning on crafting with your alts. Notice that you need to accept her constant chatter as sometimes it happens too much.

How to acquire your Swtor Treek companion?

1. From the Cartel Market
You can purchase the Treek directly from Swtor Cartel Market with Cartel Coins, and this companion is available for every character on your account for an additional 600 Cartel Coins through the Collections menu. It is the easiest way to get Swtor Treek companion if you have adequate Cartel Coins.
2. From Cartel Bazaar vendors
Swtor Treek can be purchased with credits as well. If you have Legacy Level 40 and a character level of 10, you can buy this companion from a vendor in the Cartel Bazaar area of the fleet, which costs 1,000,000 Swtor credits.

If you want more credits for Swtor Treek, simply come to Swtor2credits. Here you can buy Swtor credits with high security and fast delivery.

The Swtor2credits Team

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