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Home / Swtor2credits news / Hopefully Add Weapons to Outfit designer Swtor This Year

Hopefully Add Weapons to Outfit designer Swtor This Year

Time: 05/12/17

Recently a tread about “Why aren’t weapons a part of Outfit Designer?” has caused great discussion. And we may see Swtor will add weapons to Outfit designer this year according to Charles - Creative Director for Swtor. And by the way when buying swtor credits, Swtor2credits is a perfect place for you.

What is the answer to this tread from Charles as Creative Director for Swtor? 

According to Charles, because they mainly focused on the features which were about story chapters and gameplay in the past, but this year they will shift their emphasis on broader features which are the improvements of the overall gameplay experience and the addition of better customization and convenience options. That means they will take the suggestion into consideration, and try to make this feature into schedule of this year.

What are the reactions of the Swtor Players?

Almost all the players are happy to see this change if it really happens. And some players even said he could not wait to spend money on this feature and highly recommended adding it as soon as possible. 

Some players are afraid that it may take a long time to fulfill this change.

Some players suggested Charles’s original words were an uncertain promise, and it’s possible that the promise will never be realized just like others they have ever promised. Finally they will make an excuse to delay it. 

Where can you go when buying Swtor Credits?

When you want to buy Swtor Credits, we hope Swtor2credits will be your first choice. For we have been a few years in the game market, that means we have rich experience good reputation. And we can provide you a perfect trade.

Let’s wish this change would come true soon. And when buying Swtor Credits, please make sure to choose Swtor2credits.

The Swtor2credits Team 

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