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Home / Swtor2credits news / How to Level Fast during Swtor Double XP Event from Oct 2nd?

How to Level Fast during Swtor Double XP Event from Oct 2nd?

Time: 10/02/18

After the release of update 5.9.3, Swtor double XP event is active from October 2 to October 9 to help you gain more XP in game. If you wish to level fast with double XP, read our guide below to know what you can do during this event.

Doing Warzones with Swtor double XP week

Leveling by doing Warzones is a good choice during Swtor double XP event. Although you are not given XP for killing people in Warzones or completing objectives, you can get a large lump sum of XP and Swtor credits after every match regardless of if you win or lose. Of course you will receive more XP and credits if you win a match, but the amount you receive is in no way tied to your performance during that Warzone.

Complete flashpoints without killing bosses

Swtor flashpoints can help you gain much experience during the double XP event. One of the best ways to level with double XP is to run flashpoints, and there are many flashpoints bosses that you don’t need to kill to complete the flashpoint, such as bonus bosses. In this way you will get more CXP which is very efficient.

Easily get safe Swtor credits with fast delivery

If you need cheap Swtor credits during the double XP event, just come to Swtor2credits and easily get some. We have a group of professional and skilled gamers who are working around the clock to farm Swtor credits for you. All swtor credits for sale at our site are handmade without automated tools and exploits, so you don’t need to worry about your account safety when buying credits from us.

Enjoy Swtor double XP event and seize the chance to gain more XP! Additionally, come here for cheap Swtor credits with $3 off code "SDX3" (for $40+), $5 off code "SDX5" (for $60+) and $10 off code "SDX10" (for $110+) until Oct 8.

The Swtor2credits Team

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