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Home / Swtor2credits news / Improve Swtor Cartel Packs with Steadfast Champion Pack on May 16

Improve Swtor Cartel Packs with Steadfast Champion Pack on May 16

Time: 05/15/17

In the future there will be some changes to cartel packs Swtor, and Bioware will change Steadfast Champion pack at first which is coming on May 16, 2017. And with the changes you may need more Swtor Credits cheap.

What can you get right now?

Right now when you get a pack, you will get two items including new pack item(s) and/or Grand Chance Cube(s), and two misc. including Jawa Scraps and Companion Gifts.

What are you going to get in the future after the changes to Swtor Cartel packs?

You will get one new pack item and one Grand Chance Cube. At the same time, you will still get two misc. the same as the previous ones. And note that this change will begin with Steadfast Champion pack on May 16, 2017.

What are the advantages of the changes?

The changes guarantee you can get a new pack item, and meanwhile you have a bigger opportunity to get Silver, Gold, and Platinum items than ever before. 

What are the future plans about the Cartel pack?

In the future Bioware plans they will no longer make Bronze quality armor sets, and decorations etc. And they will pay much attention to make sure the highest quality new items in each pack and make your investment more valuable.

What do players think of the changes?

Most players seem pessimistic about the changes to Swtor Cartel Packs, and don’t like them at all.

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