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Join in Swtor Conquest: Death Mark with Bribe the Hutts Mission

Time: 05/14/18

A sudden power shift in the underworld has resulted in thousands of death marks being issued for the galaxy’s most influential sentients. From May 15, you can participate in Swtor Conquest Death Mark with some missions. Read more information and always buy Swtor credit cheap from us.

Swtor Death Mark Conquest active this week

Swtor Conquest: Death Mark is available from May 15 to May 21, 2018.
As other Swtor Conquests, there are some Daily Missions, Repeatable Missions and Non-Repeatable Missions in the Death Mark Conquest. Notice there is an Objective called “Economy: Bribe the Hutts”. This Objective requires you to purchase an ‘Untraceable Credit Lockbox’ from a Vendor in the Promenade on Nar Shaddaa and then use it near Naborro the Hutt in the Outlaws Den on Tatooine. The Untraceable Credit Lockbox costs 500,000 Credits.
For completing the Conquest you are rewarded with:
825 Command Points
6,397 Credits
263+ Command Points

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