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Home / Swtor2credits news / Learn Swtor 5.9 New Augments & Nathema Flashpoint Details

Learn Swtor 5.9 New Augments & Nathema Flashpoint Details

Time: 04/13/18

As Swtor 5.9 release date is drawing near, we will see some contents in game including new tier of Augments – item level 240 and the Nathema Flashpoint with three standard difficulty modes and a solo mode. And there will be decorations and companion dropped as loot and rewards.

New Augments released with Swtor Update 5.9

New tier of Augments will be added to the game with Swtor 5.9. To craft these Augments you will need the same materials at high quantities, which can be found in Command Crates, from Master Mode Operation bosses and Ranked PvP Missions. Crafting boxes with those materials will also be added to Conquests. Medium Yield planets will have a small crafting box and Large Yield Planets will have a large crafting box.

Swtor Nathema Flashpoint and standard bosses

Coming with Swtor 5.9, the Nathema Flashpoint has the three standard difficulty modes and a Solo Mode. The level of challenge is the same compared to the previous two.
You will face four standard boss encounters with the final fight being two bosses one after another, separated by a Cinematic cutscene, and one of them may “involve a ton of lasers”. There is also one bonus boss.

Loot & rewards in Swtor 5.9 Nathema Flashpoint

As regards the loot and rewards in Nathema Flashpoint, there will be some new decorations and a new companion in the form of a loot drop. The companion is a simple kind that is not related to the story. A new armor set will also available.
In addition, the Master Mode of the Flashpoint drops the new Tier of Augments that we just mentioned.

Please notice that all these contents are still under development and subject to change. Prepare for Swtor 5.9 in advance and buy Swtor credit from reliable Swtor2credits!

The Swtor2credits Team

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