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Learn Swtor 6.2 Login Rewards System with Reward Calendar

Time: 12/05/20

A new Swtor Login Rewards system has been revealed in the recent official news post. The system will be released in game with Swtor 6.2 update.

Login Rewards system in Swtor 6.2

Login Rewards system is a new feature in Swtor update 6.2 that rewards all players. When the update is released, you could open the Login Rewards window and claim the rewards, including Companion Gifts, Crafting Materials, Dyes, Tech Fragments and more. Swtor Login Rewards system can track accumulated logins, which means you can earn all rewards at your own cadence.
Swtor Login Rewards

Reward Calendar for Swtor update 6.2

With the release of the Login Rewards system, there will be 28 day Swtor Reward Calendar with different theme:
Strength In Allies - This calendar will focus on your Companions with rewards such as Companion Gifts and more.
United Efforts - For the crafter at heart, this calendar will focus on Crew Skills. Rewards will include crafting materials and more.
Aggressive Negotiations - Rewards will focus on player vs player content with rewards such as Warzone Stims, Requisition grants, and more.
When you complete all 28 days of the Reward Calendar, you will automatically unlock another different Reward Calendar. In addition, Swtor subscriber can get a subscriber exclusive Weekly Bonus Reward, focusing primarily on time savers with rewards such as Personal Conquest Requisition, Valor Tokens and more. Subscribers only need to log into the game any four days during a week.

Are you looking forward to the Login Rewards system in Swtor 6.2? If you want cheap Swtor credits, simply come to our site to get some safely and fast.

The Swtor2credits Team

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