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Home / Swtor2credits news / Official Plans for Swtor 6.1.1, 6.1.2 & Double XP Event

Official Plans for Swtor 6.1.1, 6.1.2 & Double XP Event

Time: 04/13/20

It has been revealed that some changes and adjustment have been made to the in-game schedule. Read the information below to learn the latest plans for update 6.1.1, 6.1.2, and Swtor Double XP event.

Schedule for Swtor Update 6.1.1 & Update 6.2

According to the recent official posts, Swtor 6.1.1 is moving out one week to April 21, 2020. With this update there will be a number of improvements to Conquests, adjustments to class balance and end-game items, and other quality-of-life improvements.
Update 6.2 has become Update 6.1.2, which is currently targeting June. This update will introduce a unique new in-game event that will join the weekly rotating schedule alongside Dantooine, Gree, etc. The event will be themed around the ultimate Swoop biker rally spread across multiple planets in the Swtor galaxy. Master Mode of the Dxun operation will also be released with Swtor 6.1.2.

Release date of Swtor Double XP event in April

A Double XP event will be released with Swtor 6.1.1, which will run from April 21st until May 19th, 2020. According to the post from the develop team, a patch is required to update the in-game event schedule that activates and deactivates double XP on specified dates. So if double XP isn't already scheduled, a patch is required to add it to the schedule, at which point it then activates on whatever date.

We will update our news if there is more information on these updates. When you need cheap Swtor credits, come to our site and enjoy the fast delivery.

The Swtor2credits Team

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