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Policy for Win Traders in Swtor Ranked PvP Season 9 & Beyond

Time: 08/08/18

According to the post from Community Manager Eric Musco, there is the new policy to combat win trading starting with the end of Swtor Ranked PvP Season 9. He also explained how they verify players who are win trading, backfilling, etc.

Swtor Ranked PVP policy to combat win trading

In order to combat win trading, Swtor now has a zero-tolerance policy on win trading with Season 9 gone and 10 in process. This action has already happened with players who were caught win trading during S9. For these players, including their first offense:
Suspension time, up to seven days.
Every character on their account will have their Group and Solo rating set to one.
Depending on severity further action can occur, such as zeroing out Ranked Currency or permanent account closure.
In addition, there will be some systemic changes to assist in curbing this behavior. In a future game update any character that uses a character transfer will have its Ranked rating reset.

How does Swtor dev team verify win traders?

Eric Musco also answered some questions about the new policy for win traders on the Communtiy. He explained that the team uses a variety of data points to verify players who are win trading, backfilling, etc, and they check data against numerous known forms of “cheating” players can use in Ranked. All players are verified through data.
It also means that they do not suspend or action anyone based only on player reports. You can do something in the following situations:
If you feel you were incorrectly actioned, you should follow the instructions in the message you received;
If you feel players were missed, as always please be sure to report them in-game and/or privately to Keith or Eric Musco.

What do you think about the policy for Swtor Ranked PvP Season 9 and beyond? Anyway, we offer cheap Swtor credits all the time and deliver them very fast.

The Swtor2credits Team

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