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Home / Swtor2credits news / Prepare for Upcoming Swtor Double XP Event & Update 5.9.3

Prepare for Upcoming Swtor Double XP Event & Update 5.9.3

Time: 09/19/18

Get ready to play Huttball on Vandin and watch out for traps with the coming of Swtor 5.9.3! The next update is going to be released on Sep 26, and Swtor double XP event will also be active the next week after the update 5.9.3 launches.

Swtor 5.9.3 release date set on September 26

Swtor 5.9.3: Fame and Fortune has been officially announced to release on September 26, 2018. With this update you will enjoy the new Vandin Huttball PvP map – Swtor Sky Shredder, which is set in an abandoned industrial complex above a large ravine. During your fight, you have to watch out for three types of traps: acid fire, electric shock traps and poison gas.
There are also some changes and bug fixes with this update, and you could read our Swtor Update 5.9.3 preview to learn more details.

Enjoy Swtor double XP event from October 2

You will also enjoy Swtor double XP event when experiencing new contents in Swtor 5.9.3, although the event will not be starting right away on launch day. The double XP event will run from October 2 to October 9, 2018, and during this period you are able to enjoy a full week of double XP rewards.

Get ready for update 5.9.3 and Swtor double XP event! In addition, Swtor2credits can be your top choice to buy Swtor credit at any time!

The Swtor2credits Team

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