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Home / Swtor2credits news / Preview Changes to Swtor 6.0 Mercenary Class: Tacticals & Set Bonuses

Preview Changes to Swtor 6.0 Mercenary Class: Tacticals & Set Bonuses

Time: 08/02/19

With Onslaught coming in September which is the next expansion of Star Wars The Old Republic, we will also can enjoy some changes to Swtor 6.0 Mercenary Class featuring new Tacticals and Set Bonuses. 

New Tacticals in Mercenary Class

New Tacticals not only devote to tweaking players' current playstyles to some content, but also reinforce the current playstyles for people who enjoy them. Here are four main Tacticals and their functions:
1. Cool Your Jets: Rocket Out vents 20 heat and roots enemies next to you when you leave.
2. Hot Shot: Fusion Missile spreads Heat Signature and Heatseeker Missiles fire additional missiles to nearby targets affected by Heat Signature. 
3. Magnetic Trigger: Now Explosive Dart remains dormant on the target and Mag Shot detonates it, dealing double its standard damage. 
4. Supercharge Burst: Now Supercharge Gas generates a large AOE heal on activation. 

Some Set Bonuses added for 6.0 Mercenary Class  

A few utility set bonuses will be added, allowing increasing effectiveness of Mercenary in specific situations. 
1. Technical Medic: Chaff Flare healing all allies around you. And Onboard AED will become instant-cast.
2. Kolto Counter: When Kolto Overload Health Monitor is triggered for the first time from being attacked, it does significant damage to the enemy.
3. Power Step: A stack of Power Step will be granted by Power Shot, Tracer Missile and Rapid Scan, stacking up to 5 times. Your next Power Shot, Tracer Missile or Rapid Scan will be more effective and costs no heat at 5 stacks. 

What is more, it seems the Swtor team have plans to offer Tacticals and Set Bonuses some mobility options. What do you think? You can contact with the team to show your ideas. And cheap Swtor Credits are on sale at our site all the time.

The Swtor2credits Team  

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