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Really not a person says too much, but thank you for quickly solving my problem so patently when i buy swtor credits.

user Apr 16, 2019 - fin

have made multiple orders on this site. Guys, you are really very good at your job, keep going

user Apr 10, 2019 - Hank

Come here for swtor credits. Very fast service!

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There is no trouble with the credits I bought from this site.

user Mar 13, 2019 - Raffy

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Preview of Swtor Guild Leveling, Guild XP & Guild Perk in 5.10

Time: 11/10/18

Bioware has revealed some detailed information on new Guild features released in Swtor 5.10, including Guild Leveling, Guild XP and Guild Perk. This Swtor Guild Leveling system will allow you to earn experience and acquire Guild Perk for some specific benefits.

Swtor Guild Leveling: new system with Guild XP

With the new system in Swtor 5.10, Guilds will earn Guild Experience and level up. Swtor Guild XP is earned in the Guild earning Conquest points. When you earn 1 Conquest points, there will be 2 Guild XP for your Guild.
You can enjoy the following benefits when your Guild levels up with Swtor Guild XP:
Guild Commendations can be received to buy Guild Perks;
XP, CXP, and Reputation earned by the Guild increases. You can reach higher XP and Rep bonuses;
Higher Tiers of Guild Perks can be purchased at specific breakpoints.

Swtor Guild Perk: apply to Guild for specific benefits

Guild Perks tie heavily into Guild Leveling that we have talked above, which can make you earn some specific benefits. You can gain Swtor Guild Perk in the following ways:
1. Credits
Credits must be spent from the Guild Bank. If you want more Swtor credits without all farming by yourself, you can easily get some from Swtor2credits.
2. Guild Commendations
Guild Commendations can be earned when your Guild Levels up or reaches an Invasion Yield Target.
3. Reinforcement Modules
You can acquire Reinforcement Modules by combining 10 Reinforcement Components, a bind-on-pickup crafting material which can be obtained by completing Weekly Yield Target and other ways.

Are you looking forward to earn Swtor Guild XP and gain Guild Perks? Anyway, come here and easily buy Swtor credits with fast delivery!

The Swtor2credits Team

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