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Home / Swtor2credits news / Preview: Swtor 5.9.3 Fame and Fortune with Sky Shredder Map

Preview: Swtor 5.9.3 Fame and Fortune with Sky Shredder Map

Time: 09/04/18

Recently Swtor 5.9.3 Fame and Fortune has been announced to release later this month, featuring the new Huttball map in planet Vandin – Sky Shredder. If you want to know more about Swtor 5.9.3, read the preview below to learn what you will face in this update.

Learn basics of Sky Shredder map in Swtor 5.9.3

Swtor 5.9.3, named “Fame and Fortune”, is planned to release in late September 2018. With this patch Giradda the Hutt brings the brutal 8v8 spectator sport of Huttball to the giant gas planet of Vandin, which is called Swtor Sky Shredder. 
This new Vandin Huttball PvP map is set in an abandoned industrial complex above a large ravine. It pits two cross-faction teams of eight, the Frog-Dogs and Rotworms, in a ruthless battle for fame and fortune, and your team’s mission is to grab the ball, throw the ball and work together to take it over the opposing team’s line to score points.

Watch out for 3 types of traps in Sky Shredder map

You will meet some difficulties during your fight. At every turn, you have to watch out for three types of traps: acid fire, electric shock traps and poison gas.
Fire – Very fast and high damage, most lethal
Poison gas – You can run over these but they leave behind a nasty DoT that will kill you without quick heals
Electricity – They don’t do much damage but will stun you for a few seconds.
In addition, the map features an “edge” on the two non goal post ends where you can get health packs/pvp boosters, but you may also fall off and die. If you fall off, luckily you have access to a grapple special ability on a 30s cooldown that will pull you back up.

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The Swtor2credits Team

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