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Home / Swtor2credits news / PvP Tank Shielding Changes Not Be Happening for Swtor 5.9.2

PvP Tank Shielding Changes Not Be Happening for Swtor 5.9.2

Time: 08/02/18

Due to the critical bugs, planned Tank Shielding changes will not be released in upcoming Swtor 5.9.2, but may come with a future update. These Swtor PvP Tank Shielding changes will allow Critical Hits to also be affected by Shield / Absorb, and you can read details below with cheap Swtor credits.

Swtor PvP Tank Shielding changes not for 5.9.2

On June the team once announced that there would be some PvP Tank Shielding changes in Swtor 5.9.2, and now the changes will not be happening for this update.
The planned change will allow Critical Hits to also be affected by the tank’s Shield and Absorb procs, which leads to a far greater chance for tank players to mitigate incoming damage when focused by damage dealing classes in PvP. By including crits, this gives the potential for much more damage mitigation for tanks when being targeted by DPS classes. With the changes, you can also reduce the critical hit damage down to 1,500, which allows shield and absorb to be a direct counter-stat to Crit Rating for DPS classes.
According to Eric Musco’s post, these PvP Tank Shielding changes are still something they would like to do in a future update (likely 5.9.3), but there are some critical bugs which prevent them from being introduced in Swtor 5.9.2.

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