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Swtor 2018 Plan for PvP, Operation Boss Izax & Update 6.0

Time: 03/06/18

In the newest episode of Bad Feeling Podcast, Swtor game producer Keith Kanneg gave an interview talking about some upcoming contents coming in 2018. We will see PvP update with new Warzone, challenging Operation Boss Izax and new expansion Swtor 6.0 in the future.

New Warzone & gearing options for PvP players

As regards Swtor PvP, Keith would like to see more content in PvP this year, and he hinted in the interview that a new Warzone may come to the game in 2018.
In update 5.6, we have seen the new content including the Copero Flashpoint, a new GSF map and the Yavin 4 warzone. The developers are also considering new gearing options for PvP players in 2018, but no details on what exactly we could expect and when.

Tier of Augments & upcoming Swtor Izax boss

Keith confirmed that the new tier of Augments is indeed a brand new pattern for players to earn and craft, which is higher than what we get in Swtor Update 5.6. These new items will be very expensive and only required for players, who aim to defeat the new upcoming final Gods from the Machine Operation Boss Izax in its Veteran Mode Difficulty. As previously stated, Swtor Izax will be one of the most challenging encounters to defeat in the game.

Swtor 6.0: content & release date still not decided

Before Swtor Roadmap 2018 releases, it has already been confirmed that Swtor 6.0 will come this year. In fact, the team has not decided what exactly will be included in this update and when it will be released, but Keith prefers small incremental updates being delivered more frequently, rather than a big gap and an expansion to follow after it. It is speculated that Swtor 6.0 may come to the game in the middle of this year.

What do you want to see the most in the future update? We will update our news if there is something new about Swtor 6.0 or others, and still offer Swtor credits for sale with high security!

The Swtor2credits Team

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