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Swtor 5.10.2 Heralds of Victory with Guild Heraldry & More

Time: 03/13/19

It has been announced the next update, Swtor 5.10.2 Heralds of Victory is coming soon to game. This new patch will feature the new Guild Heraldry to create unique guild emblem, some preview window improvements and more.

When will Swtor 5.10.2 release?

According to the latest official news post, the next update Swtor 5.10.2 has been confirmed to launch in April 2019.

New Swtor Guild Heraldry in Update 5.10.2

Guild Heraldry is a new feature planned to be released in Swtor 5.10.2. With this system, each guild can create its own unique emblem by combining icons, background details and colors. The emblem will be displayed in many places, including the general guild window, the conquest planetary leaderboards and more. This unique Swtor Guild Heraldry will represent your guild throughout the game.
Swtor 5.10.2

Some quality of life changes with Swtor 5.10.2

Besides the new Guild Heraldry, there will also be some quality of life changes including the preview window improvements:
1. Characters will be displayed on mounts instead of to the side;
2. There will be the new animation button;
3. You will be able to preview unlocks such as emotes, moods, and rest-and-recharge abilities;
4. Visual effects will be better displayed;
5. You will be able to check the current combination of gear from a panel on the window.

We will update our news if there is more information on Swtor 5.10.2 Heralds of Victory. If you want to buy Swtor credits safely, simply come to Swtor2credits.com and join in our Swtor Credits 60% Off sale at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Mar 20!

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