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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor 5.10: Look Forward to New Storyline, Characters & More

Swtor 5.10: Look Forward to New Storyline, Characters & More

Time: 09/07/18

Swtor Roadmap 2018 has been updated, introducing the next major storyline, exciting new gameplay and more. Coming with Swtor 5.10 which is planned to release this autumn, the storyline will kick off with a bang on the ancient Jedi world.

Swtor 5.10 storylines back to ancient Jedi world

Swtor 5.10 – Jedi under Siege will take us to a destroyed and ravished ancient Jedi world, which was ravaged by a cataclysm centuries in the past. This planet will appear for the first time in the game, although its name is still unknown.
The story in Swtor 5.10 is returning back to its roots – the Empire vs Republic conflict. It has been confirmed that the two storylines will be more different to each other compared to the ones we got in update 5.2.

Upcoming Gods from the Machine Master Mode

The availability of the Gods from the Machine Master Mode is targeted for release with Swtor Update 5.10. There will be some of the most difficult boss fights ever experienced, and even the smallest of mistakes can lead to disaster. You will love it if you want some good challenge, and you’ll certainly be rewarded for your efforts.
Note: the Master Mode is expected to be available for testing on PTS in September.

New characters coming with Swtor 5.10 update

Some fan-favorite characters will return with the ancient world in Swtor 5.10. There will also be new characters coming with this update, including a powerful Jedi veteran (not Revan) who will join Republic players on their mission to protect a hidden Jedi base and a deadly commando who will aid Imperial players in their mission to destroy it.

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The Swtor2credits Team

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