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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor 5.10 Preview - New PvP Arena, Rishi Stronghold & More

Swtor 5.10 Preview - New PvP Arena, Rishi Stronghold & More

Time: 04/08/18

Swtor 5.10 is currently targeted for release in July 2018, and some special contents now have been revealed a little. This update will bring in a new PvP Arena, new Rishi Stronghold, Weekly PvP events and more returning companions. Read the preview below with cheap Swtor credits.

New Arena & Weekly PvP events in Swtor 5.10

It is confirmed that a new Arena is in the works now, which will be situated in Shae Vizla’s Mandolorian Compound. There will also be new unique Weekly PvP events through the Summer of 2018. Although no details were revealed about what exactly is in the works, as a joke Eric Musco shared the possibility of 8 vs 8 returning and an example of random Rakghouls appearing in Warzones during the regular Rakghoul event week. These events are meant to enhance and spice up the existing warzones in the game, and there will be something different each week.

New Rishi Stronghold coming with Swtor 5.10

A brand new Stronghold on Rishi will be released in Swtor Update 5.10. Some new special enhancements will be added to the Stronghold, but they may not be ready for patch 5.10. The update may go live with just the Stronghold being included as a regular one.

Returning companions: Swtor Dark Side Jaesa

As regards companions, Dark Side Jaesa will be coming back this summer. Lord Scourge and Kira are currently in the works too, but they will likely be delayed for a later release, not ready for Swtor 5.10.
Although Charles Boyd stated that he wants to include more and meaningful story into the return of the classic companions, but it haven’t been realized due to certain restrictions, time constrains and other factors.

Please notice that all these contents are still under development and subject to change. Anyway, don’t forget to snap up totally 800M FREE Swtor credits in our April Giveaway Day!

The Swtor2credits Team

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