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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor 5.10 Preview: Ossus, Gods from the Machine Mode & More

Swtor 5.10 Preview: Ossus, Gods from the Machine Mode & More

Time: 10/13/18

It has been officially revealed the next update, Swtor 5.10 Jedi Under Siege is going to come in December. Although the specific release date is still unknown, we can know about new contents including Swtor Ossus daily area, Gods from the Machine Master Mode and more.

Swtor Ossus daily area in 5.10 Jedi under Siege

In Swtor 5.10 you will be able to explore the new daily area: Ossus. Swtor Ossus is an ancient center of Jedi activity, which was devastated by the Sith via chain of supernovas. Here you will enjoy two separate storylines for Sith and Republic, 10+ daily missions, new Reputation track and fight against two world bosses. Of course you will be rewarded for your effort, and there will be tons of Stronghold Decorations for you to unlock.

Swtor Ossus

Gods from the Machine Master Mode in Swtor 5.10

The availability of the Gods from the Machine Master Mode will be released with Swtor 5.10. Each starter planet will have a terminal to get you to Odessen, and there will be a Level Booster, entrance to Gods from the Machine and Numerous vendors for gear/augments.
About boss fights, there will be some of the most difficult ones among what you have ever experienced, and even the smallest of mistakes can lead to disaster. Tyth will be slightly easier to fight against than the other bosses, and rest of the bosses will need to have 252 gear.
Note: now the Master Mode of Gods From the Machine has been available for testing on Swtor 5.10 PTS.

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The Swtor2credits Team

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