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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor 5.10: What Returning Companions Will You See this Update?

Swtor 5.10: What Returning Companions Will You See this Update?

Time: 09/29/18

Planned to release this autumn, Swtor 5.10 will bring us some new contents, including storylines focused on the Empire vs Republic conflict and more returning companions. Now three characters have been confirmed to come back with the update 5.10.

More companions will return with Swtor 5.10

Same as some other updates, Swtor 5.10 will bring in more returning companions and fan-favorite characters:
Doc – Doc is a brilliant physician and fearless journeyman, and in Swtor 5.10 Jedi Knights will be able to reunite with this charming, brilliant and skilled character. Beneath his constant search for an adventure is a drive to heal the sick and help those in need.
Nadia – The padawan for the Consular has grown into a skilled Jedi Knight in her own right, and will rejoin Jedi Consulars with the update.
Jaesa – Jaesa will come back and reunite with Sith Warriors provided she was turned to the dark side in her original storyline. Now it is uncertain whether the light-side Jaesa will return or not.

Other new contents coming with Swtor 5.10

Besides the returning companions, Swtor Update 5.10 will also see storylines back to ancient Jedi world, Gods from the Machine Master Mode and more. It will take us to a destroyed and ravished ancient Jedi world, which was ravaged by a cataclysm centuries in the past.
If you want to know more about this update, you can read our Swtor 5.10 preview to prepare for it in advance.

Now we could look forward to Swtor Update 5.10 and make some preparation. If you want to buy credits swtor fast, simply come to Swtor2credits to enjoy the most convenient service.

The Swtor2credits Team

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