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Home / Swtor2credits news / SWTOR 5.4 Unassembled Component Changes to Daily/Weekly Missions

SWTOR 5.4 Unassembled Component Changes to Daily/Weekly Missions

Time: 08/08/17

Unassembled Component has been introduced since Swtor 5.1 as a new kind of currency. In the upcoming Swtor 5.4, Bioware will make some changes to this currency. They mainly focus on increasing the overall Components gained via Missions and stimulating to participate in Ranked Warzones. 

1. Increase the Components one can get each week via Missions 

Overall, Component rewards earned per week are unchanged in unranked Warzones. Now, Daily Mission rewards 10 Components (down from 12) while Weekly Mission rewards 54 Components (up from 40). 

2. Increase incentive for Ranked Warzones by adjusting Component gains

In order to amp up the value of Ranked Missions and increase participation, large changes will be made in Ranked Warzones, as below: 
Solo Daily: Now rewards 15 Components, down from 16.
Solo Weekly: Now rewards 100 Components, up from 30.
Group Daily: Now rewards 30 Components, up from 20.
Group Weekly: Now rewards 200 Components, up from 60.

It is obvious that the official team aims to shift some of the rewards from the Daily Missions into Weekly Missions. Thus, you will get less punishment if you miss a daily quest. Meanwhile, Ranked PvP will reward more than Unranked in swtor 5.4. Last, the Command XP values of almost all of these Missions have also been buffed. The same is true of the Ranked Season Tokens that you earn from the Ranked Missions.

Swtor 5.4 is set to release on August 22 with Unassembled Component changes. Once it is released, swtor credits instant delivery will be in badly need. But you can buy swtor credits instant at any time on our site. We can complete your order in 29 minutes!

The Swtor2credits Team

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