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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor 5.6 Daily Area Changes & 5.6.1 Tripled CXP to Compensate

Swtor 5.6 Daily Area Changes & 5.6.1 Tripled CXP to Compensate

Time: 12/01/17

Swtor Daily Area changes in patch 5.6 have caused a discussion among players for there is no longer a daily bonus for doing daily Missions in Swtor patch 5.6. Swtor has explained this issue on Community, and in Swtor patch 5.6.1 players can enjoy tripled CXP rewards from Missions.

Swtor patch 5.6: daily missions removed with weeklies granted

After the release of Swtor patch 5.6, many players have found that Swtor Daily Areas now grant a weekly mission and lose the Area completion daily.
The following dailies are listed as weeklies on the Activities Window: Black Hole, CZ-198, Yavin 4, Section X, Ziost. We can see the weekly reward is granted, but there is no longer a daily bonus for doing these dailies, which means five daily areas no longer provide daily CXP bonuses upon completion.

Swtor patch 5.6.1: CXP rewards tripled in Daily Area Missions

Swtor Community Manager Eric Musco talked about what changed in 5.6 and what is changing in 5.6.1 about Swtor Daily Area today.
In Swtor update 5.6 they removed the Galactic Command interface from the game along with changing Group Finder to Activity Finder. As a part of this change some Missions were removed from the game as they were explicitly tied into either Galactic Command or Group Finder respectively. This is why the Daily Mission to send players to the those areas is no longer there. This was a part of the steps Swtor was taking to re-balance CXP across the game.
In Swtor patch 5.6.1 all of the Planetary Heroic Missions and Daily Area Missions are going to have their CXP rewards tripled to 225 CXP per Mission (up from 75). The changes in 5.6.1 along with all of the other increased rewards can make players gain Command Ranks quicker than ever.

Notice that Swtor patch 5.6.1 release date in on December 12. Now you can wait for more CXP rewards from Swtor Daily Area Missions, and enjoy our Pre-Christmas Super Promo with up to $10 coupons for Swtor credit!

The Swtor2credits Team

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