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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Update 6.1 with Alderaan Stronghold & More Coming in Feb

Swtor Update 6.1 with Alderaan Stronghold & More Coming in Feb

Time: 01/17/20

It has been revealed that Swtor 6.1 will be released in game next month. Here you could learn some information on Swtor Alderaan Stronghold and more contents.

Swtor Update 6.1 with New Alderaan Stronghold

Swtor 6.1 will be the first major update in 2020. This update is planned to be released in February, featuring the Alderaan Stronghold and story for your character.
Swtor Alderaan Stronghold is the main feature of this update 6.1. The first version was released back in December 2019, and the plan for the first round of PTS is to look for initial feedback on the Stronghold, the rooms and hook placement. In January 2020 there is the second round of Alderaan Stronghold PTS.

Preview of Swtor Alderaan Stronghold in 6.1

The Alderaan Stronghold is split into Noble Estate and Mountain Retreat. You will be in the front yard leading up to the Noble Estate when first entering the stronghold. There will be 9 unlockable or expandable rooms and areas in total.
Swtor Noble Estate: will include killik cave (secret), drawing room, throne room, balcony overlook, study and guest chamber.
Swtor Mountain Retreat: will be reached and unlocked by traveling there via an elevator from the Noble Estate’s main room. It will feature 3 unlockable elements: Exterior unlock, Northern lodging and Western lodging.
Swtor Alderaan Stronghold

Are you looking forward to Swtor Update 6.1 and the Alderaan Stronghold? If you want cheap Swtor credits, come here at any time to get some.

The Swtor2credits Team

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