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Very convenient, always use this site to purchase

user Oct 9, 2020 - Earl

cheap and fast to get credits. i recommend this site to my friends.

user Sep 29, 2020 - Yeager

Best site for me to buy credits. i will come back if i need.

user Sep 24, 2020 - Shelley

everything is good here. i love this site

user Sep 17, 2020 - Wesley

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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Cartel Market New Additions: Vulptilla Pup Mini-Pet & More

Swtor Cartel Market New Additions: Vulptilla Pup Mini-Pet & More

Time: 11/28/19

There are changes and new item in Swtor Cartel Market this month, including the Vulptilla Pup Mini-pet and some new armor sets. Look at these new additions to consider if there is anything you want.

Newest Additions in Swtor Cartel Market

Here are the newest additions of Swtor Cartel Market in November 2019:
Onderon Guardian Bundle
Ruthless Oppressor's Armor Set
Reconstructed Apprentice's Armor Set
Onderon Guardian's Cutlass and Pike
Onderon Guardian's Lightsaber and Dualsaber
Tarnux's Blade and Battlestaff
Tarnux's Lightsaber and Dualsaber
Vulptilla Pup Mini-pet
Mek-Sha and Holo Signs Decoration Bundles
Mek-Sha Concert Stage Decoration
Flair: Nightlife VIP
Vulptilla Pup Mini-pet

How to obtain more Swtor Cartel Coins?

Swtor Cartel Coins can be used to purchase items from the Cartel Market. You could increase your monthly grant of complementary coins, as a subscriber you already get 500 coins or more depending on your subscription. In addition, you can also use a physical or mobile (free) security key which will add another 100 each month and also using the Friends of SWTOR program will also grant you extra coins. You will also get 160 coins by playing each of the 8 classes’ (Imp side and Republic side) initial planet.

Notice that there is limited time for these new items if you want them. Swtor2credits.com can always be your top choice for cheap Swtor credits for sale.

The Swtor2credits Team

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