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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Cartel Market Nov 13: Revan Holostatue & Weapon Tuning

Swtor Cartel Market Nov 13: Revan Holostatue & Weapon Tuning

Time: 11/14/17

There are changes and new items in Swtor Cartel Market from November 13 to Nov 20, including Darth Malgus Armor Set, Revan Holostatue and Overcharged Swtor Weapon Tuning. If you need more Cartel Coins to purchase, you can learn how to get more Cartel Coins from our previous news.

What are the changes in Swtor Cartel Market Nov 13?

New Items
Darth Malgus’s Armor Set — 1650 CC
Imperator’s Command Hoverchair — 2560 CC
Overcharged Swtor Weapon Tuning — 2000 CC
Revan Holostatue — 1500 CC
Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber — 1250 CC

New Discounts
White And White Dye Module — 800 CC -20% Discount
Stronghold Cantina Decoration Bundle — 912 CC -25% Discount

Limited time for Revan Holostatue, Swtor Weapon Tuning, etc

You have only one week to buy the new items from Monday, November 13 to Monday, November 20.
Revan Holostatue: direct sale summonable vendor
Summon your portable Revan Holostatue and trade in your hard-earned credits for special gear, repairs and more – all at your fingertips.
You can buy it for 1500 coins and then spend the 400cc 240cc to unlock in collections and you have a portable vendor that lasts 60s with a 60s cooldown. However, it used to be commendation gear but is now just a standard medical droid's inventory.
Overcharged Weapon Tuning: direct sale weapon customization
Intimidate your enemies as you charge into battle with this impressive weapon customization, now available for the first time as a direct sale item. This effect looks amazing on the plasma blasters.

Notice that there is limited time for these new items if you want them. And Swtor2credits can always be your top choice for cheap Swtor credits for sale.

The Swtor2credits Team

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