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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Companions Bugs in 5.10.1 Planned to Fix in Next Patch

Swtor Companions Bugs in 5.10.1 Planned to Fix in Next Patch

Time: 02/16/19

Some Swtor companions bugs have been found with the release of update 5.10.1, which cause the influence level of some companions reset to level 1. Swtor community manager Eric Musco has revealed the current plan to fix this issue.

Swtor companions bug after update 5.10.1

After Swtor 5.10.1 was released this month, some players come across bugs on companions:
1. All class original Swtor companions got their influence level reset to level 1;
2. Over half Kotfe/Kotet companions are gone;
3. Rest of Kotfe/Kotet companions who survived got their influence level reset to 1;
4. These happen on all characters where some players finished story Kotfe/Kotet and Ossus.

Current plan to fix Swtor companions bugs

According to the post by the community manager Eric Musco, the team has narrowed down exactly what has caused the Swtor companion influence issue and has a fix for it. He also mentions that when they fix it one of two things will happen. Either the companion will be restored to their prior Influence or it will remain at its current value, whichever is higher at the time.
Their current plan is to fix this issue in the next patch, although the exact schedule has not been revealed.

We will update our news if there is more information on Swtor companion influence issue. If you need cheap Swtor credits, simply come to our site and get some fast!

The Swtor2credits Team

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