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Swtor credits buying from this website are fast-delivered, I wait about 10 minutes for my credits.

user Nov 23, 2017 - Monroe

It is the most satisfying site that I have used to buy Swot gold. Swtor credits are delivered fast and smoothly every time.

user Nov 22, 2017 - Victor

I have become an old customer for always buy credits Swtor here

user Nov 21, 2017 - Cristian

Love the swtor credits here, it's really nice

user Nov 20, 2017 - Edgar

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Swtor Credits $5.4 Panic Buying to Celebrate Update 5.4

Time: 08/08/17

We all know that Swtor update 5.4 release date is set on August 22. At that time, deals of players will begin to search for cheap swtor credits for the new content. At this point, we will hold two rounds of $5.4 Panic Buying events. Total 10200M Swtor Credits are involved. 

When will Swtor2credits $5.4 Panic Buying be valid? 

Round 1: at 3AM on August 14, 2017 GMT
Round 2: at 3AM on August 28, 2017 GMT

Up to 51000K Swtor Credits costs ONLY $5.4

In the first round, we will provide 100 portions of Swtor Credits US and 100 portions of Swtor Credits EU respectively, 31000K per portion. Each portion costs only $5.4, which is equal to 50% off sale! 
In the second round, there will still be 100 portions of Swtor Credits for US and EU players respectively, and also each portion costs only $5.4. But differently, there will be 51000K swtor credits per portion this time, which is equal to 70% off sale!

Where to join in Swtor2credits $5.4 Panic Buying? 

Two rounds of Swtor2credits $5.4 Panic Buying will be held on https://www.swtor2credits.com/super-promo, which is the only access to this event. 


1. Everyone can only snap up one portion in each round. If you place multiple orders there, we only deliver one to you, and the rest will refund.
2. Exchange of Swtor Credits US and Swtor Credits EU cannot be issued once you place order successfully. 

We believe that cheap swtor credits will be in urgent need after the releasing of Swtor update 5.4, so mark your calendar and never miss Swtor2credits $5.4 Panic Buying! 

The Swtor2credits Team

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