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SWTOR Credits Cheap to Celebrate the Game 3.0.1 Patch Update

Time: 12/16/14

Patch updates to make game more perfect and enjoyable. Today the scheduled SWTOR game update 3.0.1 patch arrives as planned with issues fixed. In this article we will discuss the content of the 3.0.1 patch as well as cheap swtor credits.

Outline of Game Update 3.0.1 Patch

The first part of the Patch is a reminder that life day is upon us once again and the second part are the content of the whole patch. The life day starts from today, December 16th 2014, and ends on January 6th, 2015 at 4AM PST (12 Noon GMT).
Life day of SWTOR is a Wookiee holiday celebrated by the inhabitants of Kashyyyk every three years. Hope you guys enjoy the holiday.

Brief Content of Game Update 3.0.1 Patch 

Before the release of the patch, official site have a 4-hour maintenance to apply the patch. Since with bug fixed after the patch, it is meaningful to be patient during the maintenance.
There are 9 aspects in the patch including general, Cartel Market, Classes and Combat, Flashpoints and Operations, Galactic Starfighter, GUI, Items and Economy, Missions and NPCs, Warzones. Get swtor credits EU cheap to experience updated SWTOR now.

Generally, the changes includes as follows:
1. Updated the population limits for Rishi, Yavin 4, and the SOLO-Mode Flashpoints in order to address performance issues.
2. The Master of Ceremonies vendor is now available on both Fleets.
3. Anniversary Personnel has been assigned to either Fleet to distribute free Third Anniversary Stronghold Decorations! They will be available until Game Update 3.0.2, and have the following Decorations:
4. Added missing text in numerous places in the French and German clients.
5. The Coalition Staging Area on Yavin 4 is now a sanctuary.
6. There are Rishi Achievements that no longer reset on logout.
7. The number of Rishi Idol Decorations obtainable per Legacy has been increased to 10.
8. Data Packets obtained from the Grophets on Rishi are no longer classified as Junk.
9. Corrected an issue that would cause trainable Abilities to not appear on Class Trainers.
10. Satele Shan’s Lightsaber is now the correct color on the Shadow of Revan loading screen.
You can check the whole patch at official site cause the long content that we will not list them one by one.

Above all, patches will make your game much better than before. Buy cheapest swtor credits US or EU at Swtor2credits to enjoy your game and we guarantee you best service.


The Swtor2credits Team

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