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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Crew Skills Guide: What Is the Best for Companions?

Swtor Crew Skills Guide: What Is the Best for Companions?

Time: 02/13/18

As unique player professions in Swtor, Crew Skills are very important to players, especially beginners. If you wish to learn about the basics and what the “optimized” companion Crew Skills are, you could read this Swtor Crew Skills guide to find the answer.

Basic information & categories of Swtor Crew Skills

Crew Skills are unique player professions within the game, consisting of three types of skills: Crafting Skills, Gathering Skills and Mission Skills.
Gathering and Crafting skills are more closely related, the discoveries found during gathering tasks often being used in crafting tasks. Free to play players will have 1 crew slot, preferred players will have 2, and subscribers have all 3. Crew skills can also affect gameplay by helping a character find alternative routes through a scenario.

What are the best Swtor Crew Skills for companions?

In fact it’s not so appropriate to say “the best”, but you could refer to the suggestions below if you need:
Trooper: +5 Crit to Armormech and Scavenging; +2 crit to Diplomacy; +1 crit to Underworld Trading
Smuggler: +5 crit to Armstech; +2 crit to both Bioanalysis and Investigation; +1 crit to Slicing
Jedi Knight: +5 crit to Synthweaving and Biochem; +2 crit to Slicing; +1 crit to Treasure Hunting
Jedi Consular: +2 crit to Armstech, Scavenging, and Diplomacy; +1 crit to Underworld Trading
Bounty Hunter: +2 crit to Biochem, Bioanalysis, and Treasure Hunting; +1 to crit to Armstech
Sith Warrior: +5 crit Sythweaving and Treasure Hunting; +2 crit to Investigation and Bioanalysis
Sith Inquisitor: +5 crit to Archeology; +2 crit to Scavenging and Slicing; +15 efficiency to Artifice (no class has +crit to artifice)
Imperial Agent: +5 crit to Diplomacy; +2 crit to Armormech, Underworld trading, and Slicing
Ship droid sensor units offer: +5 crit to Synthweaving and Cybertech; +2 crit to Armstech; Armormech and Artifice get +efficiency; and Biochem is not available.
HK-51 and Treek both have +1 crit to all crafting skills

We hope this Swtor Crew Skills guide will help you to know more about the skills. Moreover, you will find cheap Swtor credits with the best service from Swtor2credits.com.

The Swtor2credits Team

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