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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Double XP 2020 & Update 6.1.1 Release Date Announced

Swtor Double XP 2020 & Update 6.1.1 Release Date Announced

Time: 03/25/20

The release dates of Swtor 6.1.1 and Double XP event 2020 have been confirmed in the recent official post. According to their plan, the Double XP will be extended to around four weeks.

Current plan for Swtor Double XP 2020

According to Keith Kanneg’s post on Community, the develop team’s original plan was to bring Swtor Double XP event back for May the 4th. The team discussed offering it sooner, but they needed to spend the time getting the Dev Team set up to work remotely with everyone having to work-from-home. After the discussion, the Double XP event is planned to start on April 14th with the release of Swtor 6.1.1, and end on May 12th, 2020. The Double XP will be extended to around four weeks, instead of only one week.
Some players may hope the dev team could do it now; however, it takes an actual game update to adjust in-game schedules, which is why the team is coordinating it with the release of the next patch. The soonest they can make the adjustment for Double XP is with Swtor patch 6.1.1, and they will keep players apprised if there is any change to the dates.

Enjoy safe Swtor credits during Double XP

Double XP in the event will include XP, Valor, GSF, and Renown, not including Conquest points. During the Double XP event, you could come to our site anytime when you need some safe Swtor credits. You will get the credits safely and fast.

Get ready for Swtor Double XP 2020 and update 6.1.1! If you need cheap Swtor credits, simply come to our site and get some fast.

The Swtor2credits Team

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