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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Level 60 Hard Mode Flashpoints & PVP Season 4 Live Feb 10 with Double XP

Swtor Level 60 Hard Mode Flashpoints & PVP Season 4 Live Feb 10 with Double XP

Time: 02/08/15

Two level 60 Hard Mode Flashpoints and PVP Season 4 will be available in Swtor tomorrow. Out of this reason, BioWare will take down the servers to apply Patch 3.1 from 2 am PST to 7 am PST on February 10. After that double XP will also go live this weekend. Gear up to head into it with cheapest swtor credits us on sale.


Highlights of Swtor Update 3.1: Conflict on Rishi


1. Level 60 Hard Mode versions of the two newest story-driven Flashpoints: Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi, all with invaluable rewards.

Battle you way through Blood Hunt or take down a new bonus boss, Commander Mokan, and you will be rewarded an impressive Imperial KX-7 Command Walker or the Republic BA-2 Command Walker through towering over your enemies, new Illumination Probe Crate decoration or new Multi-state Mainframe Terminal, and the Massassi Gear Set.

Note that these two Flashpoints are 4-player quests and require characters on level 60. Besides, you should know that the level cap increase to 60 is included with your purchase of Shadow of Revan. (Free-to-Play restrictions apply.) By the way, you can ask for help from Swtor2credits for Swtor Power Leveling fast and safe if you need.

2. New PVP season 4 starting with Game Update 3.1: Conflict on Rishi and ending with Game Update 3.2.


Double XP, also available to Level 60 players, this weekend


From February 13 at 6p.m. to February 17, 2015 at 7a.m. GMT, all players, including level 60 players, can gain double XP in Swtor. It should be the best time to join in the battle. You can experience the fierce PVP season while gearing up for level 60 Hard Mode Falshpoints. It will be a marvelous game play. Buy cheapest Swtor credits with Swtor2credits Valetine’s Offers to save more money. Have fun!


The Swtor2credits Tea,

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