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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Life Day 2018 Guide: Missions Walkthrough & Rewards

Swtor Life Day 2018 Guide: Missions Walkthrough & Rewards

Time: 12/20/18

Start your festivities and snowball fights in Swtor Life Day event! During Swtor Life Day 2018, meet the Master of Ceremonies on the fleet, throw snowballs and cool overheating Parcel Droids off with Snowball Bombs to gain some featured rewards.

When & how to start Swtor Life Day 2018?

Swtor Life Day 2018 event is active and runs until January 15, 2019. To start this event, head to the Imperial and Republic fleets and find the Master of Ceremonies in the Galactic Trade Market sector.

Guide for “A Special Snowflake” mission

During Swtor Life Day 2018, every snowball you throw has a chance to award you with a Snow-Covered Parcel, which can be collected and exchanged for festive rewards. You can exchange your Swtor Snow Covered Parcel with the Master of Ceremonies, and can also buy Snowball Bombs and Fireworks there.
(Decorations) Wampa Rug, Snow Blower, Freezer Unit
(Mount) Sleigh I, J0-1Y Mount
Blue-Purple Life Day Holo-Tree
Gold Life Day Holo-Tree
(Fireworks) Life Day Tree
(Achievement) Jolly Parcel Peddler, Merry Life Day To All!

Guide for “Parcel Droid” mission

You can find Parcel Droids on Dromund Kaas, Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa, and have the chance to gain new Life Day Holo-Trees from them. Some Parcel Droids are overheating and attack players, and you need to cool them off by hitting them with a Life Day Snowball Bomb available from the Master of Ceremonies.
Red Life Day Holo-Tree
Blue Life Day Holo-Tree
Pink Life Day Holo-Tree
Green-Gold Life Day Holo-Tree
“Holiday Hero” title

Besides Swtor Life Day 2018, don’t forget to enjoy Swtor double XP which is available until Dec 31, and easily get some cheap Swtor credits from our site!

The Swtor2credits Team

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