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Home / Swtor2credits news / SWTOR New Patch 3.0.2 Bring Major Issues on Game Economy Balance

SWTOR New Patch 3.0.2 Bring Major Issues on Game Economy Balance

Time: 01/16/15

After 4 hours maintenance, SWTOR patch 3.0.2 was applied in game on January 13. While the patch has brought big problems to games and the most major issue is ruined in-game economy balance. Swtor players has a heated discussion on this subject of Swtor credits economy balance.


SWTOR Economy Unbalance Caused By New Applied Patch


This morning, a Swtor player posted a thread on official SWTOR forum stating the major problems new patch brought to SWTOR, especially the balance of game economy ruined.

The key point of the problem is caused by the Cartel Slot Machine available after the patch. It ruined all the material hunting business and destroyed whole gathering/crafting economy. By clicking on the Cartel Slot Machine, SWTOR players can get like 10 Jawa Junk per 50k in like 10 minutes while in order to getting 50 Jawa Junk (cost about 250k), SWTOR fans should play nonstop 6 comps on TH (not unlockables) missions, got NOT a single Midlithe from gathering missions.


Players has a heated Discuss on whether Economy Balance Is Ruined


When some players agree with the author’s view, there are some players arguing that “Lower prices coupled with lower overall Swtor credits in the economy does not equal a ruined one.
Margins are going to fall, but the credits going out of the economy is going to lower the inflation and make it healthier.”

Well, for this opinion, Swtor fans have a very convinced debate that “Pretty much this. It's not adding credits to the economy, just redistributing them thanks to greater supply. It amazes me how many people complain about a ruined economy without understanding what's actually going on.”

I doubt those two are some kind of economy students or someone who have learn economy at school. But what we need to know is that economy is not just about currency. It’s not the Swtor credits that matters all, the labor behind currency is very important too.

By just a slight click on the slot machine, Swtor players can gain things they should have acquired with hard working. This is not that good. It betrays the original aim of the game.


SWTOR Player Insist This To Be Fixed As Soon As Possible


Since this machine can make SWTOR players’ efforts into vain, then no one wants to gather crew skills. Then what’s the meaning of playing hard? So SWTOR fans strongly insist that Bioware fix this as soon as possible. According to the theory of Demands and Needs, so many items occurred in market suddenly directly result in price decrease. The fact is price went from 50k per piece yesterday to 18k today and is dropping still.

Anyway, look forward to Bioware’s reply and if you need to buy cheapest Swtor credits with fast delivery, feel free to Swtor2credits with paying by Paypal no confirmation. Have fun!

The Swtor2credits Team

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