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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Onslaught Assassin: New Ability, Set Bonuses & Tactical

Swtor Onslaught Assassin: New Ability, Set Bonuses & Tactical

Time: 09/29/19

The upcoming Swtor Onslaught expansion released in October 2019 will introduce some changes for each Class, including new abilities, Set Bonuses and Tactical. Here you could learn changes to Swtor Assassin in the new expansion.

Swtor Assassin new ability: Severing Slash

Severing Slash is a new ability of Assassin in Swtor Onslaught. It can strike targets in a cone, dealing weapon damage and slowing their movement speed by 50% for 3s.

Assassin Set Bonus & Tactical in Swtor Onslaught

There are some Set Bonuses and Tactical items for Assassins alongside the new ability. Set Bonuses are extra effects you are able to get for equipping a certain armor set. Different from Set Bonuses, Tacticals come in the form of a new gear type. They don’t have actual stats on them; instead, they augment how an ability will function.
Here you could learn how a Set Bonus and Tactical can alter the gameplay of Assassin Darkness, Deception and Hatred in Swtor 6.0:
1. Darkness Assassin
-Set Bonus: “Rebuking Assault”
(2 Piece Bonus) +2% Endurance
(4 Piece Bonus) Each target hit by Severing Slash reduces the cooldown of Mind Control and Mass Mind Control by 1s.
(6 Piece Bonus) Each target hit by Severing Slash extends Deflection's duration by 1s.
-Tactical: “Ancient Tome of Wrath”
Wither generates Redirected Wrath stacks per enemy it hits, increasing your damage reduction by 2.5% per stack for 10s.

2. Deception Assassin
-Set Bonus: “Death Knell”
(2 Piece Bonus) +2% Mastery
(4 Piece Bonus) The cooldown of Recklessness is reduced by 15s.
(6 Piece Bonus) Whenever you consume a charge of Recklessness you gain a stack of Reckless Slaughter, increasing melee damage bonus by 5% for 20s. Stacks up to 2 times.
-Tactical: “Blade of the Elements”
The critical hit chance of Reaping Strike is increased by 50% per Voltage stack. Critically hitting with Voltaic Slash reduces the cooldown of Reaping Strike by 1.5s.

3. Hatred Assassin
-Set Bonus: “Shadow Purger”
(2 Piece Bonus) +2% Endurance
(4 Piece Bonus) Severing Slash immobilizes the target for 2s.
(6 Piece Bonus) Using Severing Slash while under Force Shroud lowers the target’s accuracy and extends the duration of Force Shroud by 2s.
-Tactical: “Sever Field”
Death Field does more damage to slowed targets and finishes the cooldown of Severing Slash.

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The Swtor2credits Team

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